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Just need some feedback from you guys:

I work 2pm-10pm shift @ a nursing home..last week, I had some dental work done.

I had 3 fillings done..and my face has been swollen since. My left eye periodically drained (like a faucet) after the procedure.

When I woke up, the pain had gotten to a point where the tid 800 mg of Ibuprofen wasn't working and my face was swollen to the point it looked like I had Bell's Palsy.

So--4 hours prior to the shift, I called in.

About 30 minutes before my dental appointment, the scheduler @ work called me, waffling & whining that she couldn't find anyone to cover the shift & that she had called everyone. --- This was my 1st call-in.:confused:

Have any of you ever called in/off and had this happen?

In 16 years, I have never been the recipient of a call like this. Unless you're a "habitual call-in", once you call in, finding a replacement is the responsibility of the nurse in charge, the scheduler or Director of Nurses.


Just needed to vent this.


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I have seen this happen more than once. Someone will call out for what ever reason, and if they can't find a replacement, they will call that person at home an 'encourage" them to come to work. I think it is awful. We all know there are employees that take advantage of calling out, but if you are sick you are sick.


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This is the same as being reminded when you call in that your co workers will probably have to work's called a guilt trip. Don't let themget to you!


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I once called in after an extraction, but ended up going in, because there was "no one else". It was a terrible shift, I ended up with a dry socket (had it packed without relieve), and subsequently was out for three days. Sure, the original call in got covered, but it resulted in three additional shifts needing coverage.

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Don't answer your phone--remember that for next time.

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caller id and call screening. after they've left the message begging me to come in, i think about it for a minute. then i decide against it. your milage may vary, but in general, don't get guilted into it.

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