Wishing to work in CA, GA new grad

  1. Hi I graduate in December with my BSN. Can someone tell me what the process would be like to transfer my license? I have heard it is a longer process in CA. Also what area/hospital do you recommend? I grew up in SanDiego and would just like a beautiful location and a leading hospital (I want to do cardiac/critical care)
    Any advice from current CA nurses or recent CA new grads that know of places that want new grads, would be of great help!
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  3. by   karmyk
    Scripps La Jolla just built that huge, new cardiac center. Scripps is generally a great system. I've only worked at Encinitas and Green, and the people, including the doctors, are all really nice and awesome to work with. If you're going for scenery, I think Scripps Green wins (nothing like looking out one of the ocean view rooms in the ICU-- it overlooks the Torrey pines golf course, and on clear days, you can sea hang gliders in the sky).. Though I've never seen the new Camp Pendleton hospital's view, which is probably also ocean view. For cardiac, there's also UCSD med center (I believe they even do the heart transplants for the area.. Not sure if its the la jolla or the hillcrest location).

    The big hurdle is getting into a new grad program. Scripps has a very informative webpage for interested recruits. I'm on my phone so its difficult for me to post the link, but it's easy to find on their site. It's a great all-around program. They don't hire new grads directly into ICU right now, but you can easily apply for their ICU internship program after you finish the year-long new grad program.. And their in-house ICU internship program is EXCELLENT.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    If you graduate in December, you might want to submit your applications for the new grad programs starting next month (October). It is normal for 1,000+ applications to be submitted to these types of programs, so you definitely want to get an early start. Good luck to you.

    BTW, the new grad employment market in all parts of California is highly competitive. In addition, the unemployment rate for new grad RNs in CA is approximately 43 percent during the first 18 months of licensure. Although your chances are improved due to having a BSN degree, I would not relocate without a firm job offer.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    Also apply to any new grad openings IMMEDIATELY. A lot of hospitals will stop accepting applications after they receive a certain number of them, so if you wait to apply later, you may find that the listing is no longer open.
  6. by   Euthymia
    Regarding endorsement of your license in CA, I would send in your CA application the moment you receive your RN license at your current location as the wait time can take up to six months depending on method of fingerprinting and review of transcripts for CA clinical and course requirements. Live Scan method can only be performed in CA, but it is usually more reliable than the card method and certainly speeds up the process. If you attended more than one college, send transcripts from every institution attended regardless of the courses taken as they review everything. If your state participates in Nursys, use it to verify your current license as this will also speed up the process, however, do this only after you mail in your application since verification expires in 90days.

    There is an additional charge for the temporary license option while you are waiting for the application to be approved, however, save yourself the $50 since the CA BRN does not issue temporary licenses anymore.
  7. by   RunBabyRN
    I agree about applying to new grad programs. Just be aware that many have preferences for local students, then those within the state, then "outsiders." It's a tough market. As TheCommuter said, don't even consider moving without a firm job offer unless you like waiting tables.

    A place in CA that wants new grads? Indio, CA, and even those positions may no longer be available. Not exactly SD.
  8. by   Iliauna
    Thank you for all of your advice! So helpful!
  9. by   nursekate8
    I agree with Euthymia. I applied to get a temp CA license from out of state July 25. Total cost was about $200. I was told the process would take 6-8 weeks. I received my temp license on October 17th after making a complaint on the webpage about the timing. It is important to have your CA license prior to applying to traditional jobs (new grad programs may be different). If you have any other questions about the process, I'd be happy to help answer :-).
  10. by   umad
    A lot of the new grad programs in SD are starting in February. I'm not sure you would have your license by then.