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Hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

  1. by   five10fevr
    Quote from SandyMickey
    Didn't they say they divided us into 3 groups...so is this group that just got the questionnaires group 2 or 3?
    I can't find anywhere where other received questionnaires after the first group. Timing wise we should be the 3rd group. So who knows.
  2. by   five10fevr
    Quote from SFNewGrad
    Hi all. I got my questionnaire yesterday. I'm trying to calculate all my expenses (including student loan payments - yikes!) and LA living expenses to determine how to make this work if i am offered a position...does anyone know what the wages are at White Memorial for new grads?
    I am unsure about Whites but know another local Adventist hospital pay is 30.00 an hour. Which is a couple of dollars lower then most local area hospital new Grad RN's.
  3. by   SFNewGrad
    Thanks, that's very helpful.
  4. by   JMart83
    They have a pay differential for nights at White, but not for weekends if that puts anything into perspective for you. Good luck!
  5. by   RNurse7
    Starting pay for New Grad program at White is $25/hour. After 8 weeks or so there is a $4/ hour raise. I was also told that once you've been working there for 2 years you get another raise. I was told this by a friend who is currently in the new grad program For anyone concerned about the pay and trying to keep up with living expenses in the area, my friend lives alone in south Pasadena and is able to make it work. So it can be done
  6. by   marianashines
    just sent my questionaire back to them. received it friday. now the waiting game begins. Im nervous about the next part.. i hope my answers were enough to not be eliminated but with 950 people who knows...good luck to everyone!!!
  7. by   kdawsonRN
    same here! I hope everyone will keep us posted if they get a call/email/interview/rejection notification!
  8. by   lizzyxpooh
    Thanks RNurse7 for the detail. Do you know if there are differential rate for high acuity, nights or weekends?

    Some hospitals offer 10% more for high acuity like ICU and weekends. Nights are a given, but wonder how much is it.

    $25 is kinda low for CA in LA. but us new grads cant be picky.
  9. by   RNurse7
    lizzyxpooh: My friend is a new grad in the ICU and the $25/hour starting pay, and then a $4/hour pay increase after 8 weeks is the same for all the new grads. I have no information on differential rates for nights or weekends, once the new grad program is complete:/ I know as a new grad everyone works day shift (especially since there are classes) and they do end up working some weekends (btw, my friend never mentioned getting paid more to work weekends).

    Yes, as new grads we can't be too picky, but on the bright side my friend thinks the new grad program there is amazing. She says that they really create a great learning environment and that the preceptors are usually pretty awesome
  10. by   marianashines
    just have a question! do any of you have an AA as opposed to a BSN? I am just wondering.
  11. by   alib_xox
    Quote from marianashines
    just have a question! do any of you have an AA as opposed to a BSN? I am just wondering.
    I have an ADN! It was the first school that accepted me...and I definitely was not going to play the waiting game for a BSN program. I know hospitals are moving to magnet, I hope WMMC at least gives me a chance I guess we'll see!
  12. by   Sunglitz56
    I'm going to be an ADN too...come May when I graduate.
  13. by   RNurse7
    My friend who is in the new grad program at WMMC said that a few ADN nurses were hired too (not sure how big the cohort is). So, if nothing has changed since the last new grad cohort it appears that White does give ADN graduates a chance