West Coast University Nursing Program Questions, Please Help! - page 9

I am from Hawaii and really interested in transferring to WCU asap. I've taken the majority of all the pre-reqs but not sure if the pre-reqs I've taken here are equivalent to the classes at WCU. So,... Read More

  1. by   TCool774
    I knocked off all pre-reqs except cultural pluralism, pathophysiology (such an unusual pre-req) and biochemistry (which is BS, excuse my language). I just bought the book and it's an integrated course of inorganic, organic, and biochem. I took a course EXACTLY like that in my CC, but since it's missing one unit...I didn't get my credit. Oh well.
  2. by   tucaymarissa
    i have all the courses too except for cultural pluralism and patho. How much did you have to pay after knocking those out?
  3. by   TCool774
    Are you sure? Most Chemistry classes are 4 credits including the lab. WCU's is 5 credits.

    Around 94,000.
  4. by   tucaymarissa
    yeah i have a 5 unit chem class that i'm taking right now. Still 94k? wow. I was expecting it to be lower like nomsa up there. What made it so high still?
  5. by   TCool774
    Pre-requisites I guess, and it got more expensive this year.
  6. by   tucaymarissa
    oh great. Do they break down the costs for you to know why?
  7. by   tucaymarissa
    Oh and just to make it clear. when you go to the info session, do you get to know the pre reqs that they will accept and calculate your tuition?
  8. by   TCool774
    At the info session? No. You'll need to bring official transcripts. They'll have the person in charge of transfers go through it, and contact you within 2-3 days.
  9. by   tucaymarissa
    oh okay. And after that do you talk with the financial aid regarding the cost of tuition?
  10. by   TCool774
    Yep. They'll be pushy towards you when you go to a info session too. They made me "apply" once I walked in that door.
  11. by   jxngirl
    I was thinking about starting at the OC campus in June, but I was wondering how are you paying for rent, food, and tuition when it is so expensive? How much do you end up paying a month or a semester? I cannot find any info about this. I have every prereq done except for patho, so I am expecting my tuition to be around $70k
  12. by   tucaymarissa
    Im expecting them to be so thats why I will try to be clear with them when I get there that Im not making any commitments and im there to inquire about the program.
  13. by   tucaymarissa
    I know thats what Im worried about too. Idk how im gona work since they give you a schedule so you cant really choose your own and your sched is gona change every 3 months. Have you done the cultural pluralism? what is it?