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I applied for the VA in Palo Alto's New Grad Program. I know they closed it to applicants today and have 20 openings. Has anyone heard anything or know anything?... Read More

  1. by   vicky3269
    Quote from sleepygrl
    LilOncRN you applied to the VA New Grad Program too? From the CA New Grad thread I thought u put you have been working as an RN for a year already, why would u want to go thru another new grad program again?
    You already have a years experience? Doesn't that disqualify you for applying to a New Grad program? You should be able to just apply anywhere in the Bay Area as an experienced nurse! You should get a job right away!

  2. by   MrNurse007
    vicky3269 I think you are right. I don't think that you can apply if you have been working as a RN already. I remember reading that somewhere on the application.
  3. by   JT3TRC
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I talked to a friend who was accepted to the VA's new grad program that began in April - one of the directors told her that there were 500 applicants this time around. Just an FYI.
  4. by   MrNurse007
    hmm... I think the orientation for this application period starts in the Fall. Your friend might of been accepted to the Spring application period. Congrats to him!!
    Can you ask him what kind of interview he went through (panel, group, individual)? What kind of questions? and which unit he was accepted in? Thank you in advance!
  5. by   JT3TRC
    My friend was accepted to the Spring program; she began in April in the ER. She loves it, is learning a lot. I believe she said the interview was not extremely difficult - typical interview questions, but I will find out; not sure if it was a panel. The 500 apps she was referring to is for the Fall program.
  6. by   MrNurse007
    That is great that she is having a wonderful time in the ER. I believe that there are only 10 spots for this application period. This is way more competitive that applying for nursing school . Yes, please do ask your friend about the interview process. I greatly appreciate any help because like many on this forum, I do not know any nurses.
  7. by   vicky3269
    You know I'm not really stressing over 500 applicants, because I feel whatever is meant to be will happen. If I am meant to work at the VA, I will fill one of those 10 spots, regardless of how many apply. :wink2:
  8. by   JT3TRC
    I agree Vicky, that's a great attitude to have. What will be will be.
    Good luck to everyone.
  9. by   jjdennis1279
    Quote from vicky3269
    You know I'm not really stressing over 500 applicants, because I feel whatever is meant to be will happen. If I am meant to work at the VA, I will fill one of those 10 spots, regardless of how many apply. :wink2:

    I agree. Great attitude. I was told to call a couple weeks after the deadline to follow-up. The gentleman that answered the phone said they are still sorting out the applications and have not made a decision yet. He said 500 applications was a low estimate and that there were 10 positions open. I just wanted to validate other's postings.

    Good luck to all!
  10. by   Manang Biday
    Has anyone received calls from VA Palo Alto?
    When I called last week, they're still sorting out applications. IDK if they're done, and if they're already calling people for interview.
  11. by   lynette.johnson
    I emailed the nurse recruiter yesterday. She said that she is still sorting through applications, and hoped to be done this week. When the nurse managers get them, they have to sort through them and decide who they want to call for interviews. So I imagine it will take at least a week, maybe 2 before we hear anything.

    Also, I didn't read anywhere on the app. that having worked as an RN excluded you from the hiring process. I worked for 8 months in LTC. When I asked if that was ok, I was told that having some exp. was better than none. Good luck to everyone who applied!!
  12. by   lynette.johnson
    Just wondering if anyone has gotten a call for VA Palo Alto yet? Thanks!!
  13. by   deliverator
    This is VA related, but not Palo Alto related.

    I've had 2 interviews with the VA Long Beach already. Applications started in April for the July/August start. I believe there were 70 applicants for 6 positions. I was promised a position in SCI, and had the blessings of the nurse managers in SCI. When my Application went back to HR, I got another call saying that the 6 positions for the new grad program were filled and they wanted me to come in for another interview for a FT nights staff nurse position on Medical. So I interviewed with medical and they were about to hire me when they saw I had no hospital experience and that I should be in the new grad program. I told them that the reason my application went up to you was because the new grad program was full and that my application is being sponsored by the Paralyzed Veterans Association and several key administrators at the VA Long Beach.

    The new policy for the VA in hiring new grads is that they must have a BSN degree. My mom has been a physician in SCI at the VA Long Beach for 35 years and has confirmed this with HR and that's the main reason that I wasn't hired into the new grad program.

    So if your an ADN RN like me, don't count on hearing back from the VA Palo Alto.