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Hello! Has any one applied to USF or is considering this school for Spring 2010 or Fall 2010? I am going to apply in October, so I am very anxious for October to arrive! :D :dance:... Read More

  1. by   etamuro
    And she also double checked my file. So just give her your first and last name, and what school you are transferring from and she can look it up for you.
  2. by   Cee_Lee_78
    Congratulations!!! I am going to start a new thread for fall 2010..
  3. by   ckhristina
    hey congrats!

    i was wondering when you check your application status, how do you know if you got in? like what does it exactly say in your appplication status?
  4. by   Cee_Lee_78
    They don't list it under status. The letters/email notifications are how you will find out.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   pandar
    i got in too

    i just got an email saying i got in along with a link to the welcome site and welcome packet in pdf form
  6. by   purple rose
    So I also applied to USF and I haven't heard anything back! No email, letter, nothing. I'm so afraid that it simply means I didn't get accepted. My question to those of you that got accepted is where do you live? I'm hoping they are going through people living in the bay area first?? Maybe that's just wishful thinking. And what were your average GPA if you don't mind me asking, anything you think you did that made you stood out, currently working in the medical field? I think it will be helpful for me to know in case I have to reapply again next round....
    Also CONGRATULATIONS to those of you that got in!!!
  7. by   ckhristina
    purple rose- actually i called them yesterday morning to ask the status of my application. they said that they are still reviewing more apps. and will notify the others by the end of march. i was scared to that it meant that I was denied already. HOPE we get in too!
  8. by   purple rose
    thanks for your response!! I hope we get in!!!!! It really scared me to see that people are starting to hear back and I haven't gotten anything. Hmmm I wonder why and how they are sending out acceptance letter already if they haven't finished reviewing everyone's file? That seems fishy to me.... Wouldn't they want to go through everyone's first in order to adequately choose? makes me scared and nervous.
    Also does anyone know how many people they accept each year into the program?
  9. by   ckhristina
    purple rose- well yea i thought it was weird how come they dont go through all the apps first. but the lady said not to worry and stress about it because they are still choosing people for the program. YUP HOPE WE GET IN did u apply to other schools too?
  10. by   purple rose glad you are in the same shoe and I am not alone!!! I was starting to really stress about it! To hear you say this makes me feel a little bit better. I did apply elsewhere....I live in oregon so I applied to University of Portland (I got a letter saying I am waitlisted #32 in 250) I don't know what my odds are there. I asked the school how many from the waitlist were admitted last year or what the average has been in past years and she couldn't answer my question. I also applied to OHSU but I won't hear back until June...
    Did you apply anywhere else?

    Let's cross our fingers and hope we get innnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   pandar
    well they had like 300+ nursing applicants and took only like 36
    and my gpa wasnt very high. like 3.46 but i didnt a lot of volunteering at hospitals for the past like 6 years. and i have a family member that goes to USF right now

    would you guys go to USF if you got in?
  12. by   purple rose
    Hi Pandar!
    wow 36 isn't much! But my prereq gpa is around 3.78 or something so maybe that will count for something. I also have a little bit of volunteer work. Just 6 months though at the hospital. Though I did not feel like I did my essay justice. I didn't write nearly as much as I should of. I think they said max of 1500 words and I only did like 300-400 words and felt like I didn't want to be repetitive. Now that I think of it, i should of put more emphasis on my essay.
    USF is my first choice and I would love to go there. Mainly because I love the bay area. If I get accepted I would really have to sit down and see if it's feasible for me or not financially to move there.
    Congratulations on getting accepted!!!! Is that your first choice of school?
  13. by   pandar
    well when i applied i didnt have any of the 4 prereqs done at all. im taking 3 of them this semester though. they said they dont really look at gpa. mostly everything else besides the gpa. like as long as you have a 3.0 they'll look at the rest of your application like volunteer work, essay, and recommendation letter. and ya i guess its my first choice since its the only nursing school i applied to for this coming fall. since i didnt have my prereqs done, i couldnt apply to any other nursing school =(