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Hello! Is any one applying or considering this university. I am applying in October for Spring 2010! I can't wait for October to be here because I am anxious for a notification letter, or should I... Read More

  1. by   afrobuddhess
    i'm in the program currently, and the Microbiology course is 4 units.
  2. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    hey all! i'm going to be applying to USF for the spring 2010!
  3. by   bluechick112
    awesome! it looks like I'll be applying there for the same term (assuming I don't get in to the school I'm currently waitlisted for for fall 09)
  4. by   krystyle25
    [font="franklin gothic medium"]is it hard/competitive to get into the bsn nursing program at usf?
    or are all applicants admitted automatically?
  5. by   lightsnoise
    FYI USF and UCSF are like across from each other. I would apply to USF, Samuel Merit, etc. but 50k a year is wayyyy too much.
  6. by   Mariah'smomSOON2bRN
    I was going to apply for fall 09, but missed the deadline for the university application. If I don't get into a program this fall I will be making sure I have all the deadlines down in my calendar so i don't miss them. I will be applying to USF as well as as many schools as I can. I NEED to get in a program's driving me crazy!!!
  7. by   Cee_Lee_78
    Quote from krystyle25
    [font=franklin gothic medium]is it hard/competitive to get into the bsn nursing program at usf?
    or are all applicants admitted automatically?

    average gpa for the prereqs is 3.5-3.6. they consider the application letter as well, so sometimes if gpa is lower usf considers your reasons for wanting to become a nurse as a factor when choosing you into the program.
  8. by   bluechick112
    Hi all! I put in my application for USF about a week ago for spring 2010 admission. I'm not really sure how to calculate my pre-req GPA as I'm not sure if the "co-reqs" count (Nutrition, Socio, etc.) in the calculation. Plus, I have a 5 semester unit Micro class IP right now. I took a 4 unit one about 2 years ago and earned a B. I'm not exactly sure if that counts, but if it does, AND we calculate ALL pre-reqs and coreqs, I have a 3.78. If not and we only calculate the 4 main ones (Anat, Phys, Micro, Psych) and it includes my 4 unit Micro (B) I have a 3.76. If it counts the 5 unit Micro I'm really not sure how to calculate that since it's IP. I do have a strong 98% in that class so I'm sure I'll get an A, but I just don't know how it'll work

    Anyway, I also have volunteer work, CNA experience, and a strong letter of rec. Does anyone know my chances? Thanks!!
  9. by   afrobuddhess
    Bluechick, why did you take another Micro? I remember you posting a while back, the Microbiology course at USF is only 4 units.

    I think your chances of getting in are great, but be prepared to possibly be offered admission, but not be able to start your clinicals for another semester or two...they have been doing that a lot lately.
  10. by   bluechick112
    I took another Micro to 1) increase my GPA and 2) HSU needs it and I also applied there for spring 2010 admission!

    Thanks for the insight. I did hear they're admitting students and then telling them they can't start until a semester or two later. Ick. But at this point...I'd probably just accept it!
  11. by   dpeterson
    Did anyone find out if they got into the Spring 2010 nursing program? I got in!! I'm trying to find others who got in to chat with.... Good luck everyone!
  12. by   chrysti_j
    I got in too!!! BUT, won't be starting my clinicals until Spring 2011. (???)
    How long has the school been doing this for?? I have all my pre-reqs done and was a little disappointed. Ok, a lot disappointed. bitter-sweet.
  13. by   bluechick112
    Apparently they've been doing this for a while. I've seen posts on here from other people who were warning me that I wouldn't start clinicals for a while. Sucks that it's basically another 4 years of nursing program. It just doesn't seem worth it for the money it would cost so I'm glad I had other options!