USC (Oct 2012) New Grad Program

  1. does anyone plan on applying to the program?

    in the original post on this i mentioned:

    "hey guys,

    i just left the nursing career fair at the convention center in los angeles and met with one of their nurse recruiters.

    the next versant program begins october 2012.

    applications will be accepted (june 1-14, 2012).

    apply through the usc jobs website at look for "new graduate" in the job title.

    fyi- the program requirements are:
    eligible applicants must have less than one year of acute care hospital experience as a licensed rn. a bsn is strongly preferred. the program requires a 2 year commitment.

    good luck! "
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  3. by   vincenzo
    Thank you so much for the information and for starting this post. I, too, plan on applying. I graduate in August with my BSN so it'd work out perfectly. Fingers crossed!
  4. by   mwt4hf
    I'm going to apply. I'm finishing my program in August. I'm in Iowa, though, and Im worried that might be problematic. Does anyone know if they would pay for relocation expenses? If so, any idea of how much that would be? I've wanted to move to LA for years and really hope I get an interview!
  5. by   basiccuriosity
    I definitely plan on applying! USC is a great opportunity and I absolutely love LA! I hope to get an interview!!!
  6. by   eedo_rn
    any news you guys? I applied last thursday, june 7 for their RN new grad program.. status says in progress. no change from before..
  7. by   TotallyAwwwesome
    oh wow eedo_rn , how exciting! please keep us updated on your status. what units did you choose as your options?
  8. by   mwt4hf
    My first choice was surgical icu and my second was cardiothoracic icu. Everyone else?
  9. by   eedo_rn
    all units were ICU units.. I chose Cardiothoracic Surgery ICU and Cardiovascular Thoracic ICU.. it would be exciting if we would be considered.. I heart ICU!
  10. by   mwt4hf
    So today is the deadline! Did everyone get their materials submitted??
  11. by   rahchacha
    What unit(s) did everyone apply for? And any word on how many applied/ how many will they are looking for?
  12. by   mwt4hf
    Des anyone have any new developments?
  13. by   rahchacha
    Nope, but they aren't conducting interviews until the end of July/beginning of August.. So I'm trying just to pray about it, and not let the worry of my uncertain future eat at me.

    I did contact them on Thursday to make sure they had all of my references and that my application was complete, before the deadline. I had seen that last year half of everyone that applied did not have a completed file, and was nervous that one of my instructors had not submitted my reference.

    Other than that, I have not heard anything about how many applied/ how many slots are open.
  14. by   TotallyAwwwesome
    thanks rahchacha for the update!