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  1. hi i am new to this forum i trained as a paediatric nurse and have worked in neonates for 4 years. my husband has just started a new job in california and i am struggling to find how or if i am able to convert my uk qualifications over? from what i have found, only uk general trained nurses are eligible to undertake the conversion tests required (nclex), i am unsure if i would have to start nurse training from scratch? anyone have any advice? cheers!

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  3. by   dianah
    See thread below, "Help needed by male UK nurse!" Lots of good advice from those who know.
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    hello crazi daizi.
    As long as u qualified from a p2k course or have a nursing degree ,then there is no reason why can not qualify as a nurse in the states.You do however, have to take the NCLEX Exam and Qualify for a visa screen .if you r still in the U.K , get in touch with Geneva Health International They actually have few contracts from California, San Fran.and Arizona.They should be able to point u to the right direction.Enjoy california
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    It is a misconception of many nurses in the US that as long as you have a degree in nursing from another country, you are able to sit for US boards. This is definitely not correct. You are required to have a set number of hours as a minimum, in each of the required subjects. As an example, some of the nursing schools in China, where you do get a BSN, do not offer Psych, so those nurses must complete an approved course first. In the UK, they have tracls where you can take the peds track or the adult track, this is not the case in the US. Requirements in the US are that you have completed both. And just because you are licensed in your country, does not mean that you have a college degree in nursing. This has been causing a problem for those of you who wish to work in the US. You have to be considered a first level nurse, and have completed actual class time in each of the areas. California requires this as well as CGFNS. The only way that you can sit for the NCLEX exam is to have approval form the State Board of Nursing where you plan on working.

    The rules also do not allow just putting hospital time in in those areas, the hours must have been in an approved school of nursing curriculum. I would suggest checking directly with California Board of Nursing to find out specifically what they require, and then getting those classes completed at a local nursing school near you. More than likely you would be able to sit in as a guest student for the course.

    If you need any further info, you can send me a PM.

    Good luck...................................
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  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    Contact the Board of Registered Nursing:

    Applicants must provide the following:
    Appropriate Fees.
    Completed Application for Licensure by Examination.
    Completed fingerprints using either the Live Scan Process or the Applicant Fingerprint Card (Hard Card) processing method as directed in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING FINGERPRINT CARDS. Submit the appropriate nonrefundable TOTAL FEE as directed on the Application Fee Schedule.
    One recent 2" x 2" passport-type photograph.
    Completed Request for Accommodation of Disabilities form(s), if applicable.
    Request for Transcript form(s) completed and forwarded directly from the nursing school(s) with certified transcripts.
    If applicable, documents and/or letters explaining prior convictions or disciplinary action and attesting to the your rehabilitation as directed in Section II of the General Information and instructions.
    A. Send Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Programs form to your school with the Request for Transcript form. Also provide the Certified English Translation form to your certified translator if your transcript is not in English. (See supplemental Application Instructions for International Graduates.)
    B. Submit a copy of your license or diploma that allows you to practice professional nursing in the country where you were educated. If you do not hold a license, a written explanation is required. Also, provide copies of your certificates for midwifery and psychiatric nursing, if applicable.

    Mailing Address:
    Board of Registered Nursing
    P.O. Box 944210
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2100
    Street Address: Board of Registered Nursing
    400 R Street, Suite 4030
    Sacramento, CA 95814-6239