Some Hypothetical Situations...

  1. Hello, CA nurses,

    Just like my title suggests, I have a few hypothetical situations I need your help with.

    Assume I can get a job there with the average annual salary of about $90,000. Can I:

    1) Afford a decent apartment for the decent price?
    2) Pay common sense bills?
    3) Buy quality groceries?
    4) Afford to eat out a couple times per month?
    5) Splurge on clothes here and there?
    6) And, of course, travel at least once per year?

    I would very much appreciate your input!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Welp- being as California has both uber-rural farming/ logging areas AND the costliest US housing market, it's hard to say. You need to decide WHERE in the vast diverse state you want to live- and then a little Google goes a long way.
  4. by   FullGlass
    California is a huge state. The coastal areas are very expensive (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego). You could live ok on $90K a year in the San Diego area, but it would be tight in SF or LA. Other than the coast, California is quite affordable and you would live very well on $90K a year.
  5. by   KrissyBe
    Since your name is "FutureNurse" I take it you will be a new grad. What are you basing the $90,000 on? Some areas in CA pay that, but others-- no way! Higher cost of living areas do not necessarily pay more. And remember, the competition here is crazy!