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Is anyone applying to the SFSU nursing program this fall? how are your stats looking like?... Read More

  1. by   Themary89
    Quote from Themary89
    Hey everyone,

    I am applying for Fall 2013 Admission and here are my stats:

    Overall GPA: 3.72, Prerequisite GPA: 3.64, TEAS V: 80 (Advanced) and 100 hours of volunteer experience in an ER. I am also EMT-B certified, and Speak English and Spanish. What are my chances?

    I am also applying to SJSU, CSUEB, Dominican University, and Seattle University.

    Looks like all also have the Multicultural experience as well; I volunteered for years as theater teacher for disadvantaged/at risk youth. So yay!
  2. by   lakerfan510
    good stuff! has anyone turned in their application?
  3. by   j0831
    Hello everyone,
    I took my TEAS test yesterday and sent out my application on the same day.
    I have 4.0 GPA (Prerequisite and Overall), TEAS V: 88%. I am fluent in 2 foreign languages. I have some volunteer experience,but the hours are below the minimum requirement, so I won't get any points for that. I am also applying to CSUEB and CSUS.
    I have no idea how SFSU selects their nursing students, but I know other two schools have the point system.
    CSUEB 60%GPA/40%TEAS score, and CSUS 50%GPA/50%TEAS score
    Anyone knows if SFSU also has the point system?
  4. by   scwolf
    Waitlist? Luxue, with your TEAS score, decent (if not stellar) grades, and fluency in Japanese... I think you stand a very good chance of getting in.
  5. by   luxue
    scwolf, Really?? I don't know... I sure hope it's good enough. I'm a little bit nervous with the 4.0gpa's going on up there... and of course, there's the people who don't know about this thread... :P Thanks, though!

    Fingers crossed!!
    I ended up applying to CSULA (sister goes there & father's nearby) & CSUCI (less likely after i went to the info session) as backup... SFSU's my first choice, since I'm already here anyways. ><
  6. by   nursinghopeful23
    Hey guys!

    Applied for SFSU! I also applied for CSULA

    -Prequisite gpa: 3.66
    -overall gpa: 3.8
    -TEAs V:81.3
    -Over 300 volunteer hours at Seton Medical Center as a Patient Hospitality volunteer interacting with patients on a daily basis and also assisting with other projects in the hospital.

    At this point I've talked to so many people and heard different stats so I'm not sure what my chances really are anymore. But I'm hoping for the best!
  7. by   Themary89
    Hey nursinghopeful23, my stats are similar to yours, with spanish fluency, and being an EMT! Hopefully we stand a good chance of being accepted, or at least wait listed! I am so nervous at this point!!! What are the stats you have heard from other people? Are most people averaging higher of lower than our stats?
  8. by   kaleinani93
    Wow! Everyone has awesome stats! I applied to SFSU and CSUEB as well.

    My GPA is 4.0 (overall and prereqs), TEAS V score of 84 (not as good as I wanted it to be, didn't get to study as much). I don't have any health care experience, but I do have multi-cultural experience with the agency that I work for. I work with the homeless population and with people who have mental health issues and substance abuse problems. I've been working for them for a few years now. I'm also fluent in Tagalog.

    Has anyone heard anything recently? I thought they send out letter in March, but I just spoke to SFSU and I was told that the letters come out in April, it's going to be a long month for us

    Good luck to all of us! I hope we can all be classmates this year!
  9. by   SfcitygirlRN
    has anybody heard back yet?? i hate playing the waiting gamee
  10. by   Themary89
    Heard back from Dominican University! I got accepted!!! Yay! Plus, I got a 10K per year scholarship for three years, and I qualify for a Cal Grant for up to 10K each year of the program! Still waiting to hear from SFSU, SJSU, CSM and CSU East Bay, but it's a great feeling to have an acceptance somewhere! Woohoo!!!
  11. by   SfcitygirlRN
    That's great congrats! How did you hear via snail mail? I haven't received a letter yet
  12. by   kp32
    Hi everyone,
    I am not usually this inept on a website, but I have looked at BOTH the fact sheet and general nursing site and cannot tell when the school year starts for BSN students at SFSU. I see that the app period is Aug to Nov. Thanks so much for any insight!
  13. by   kp32
    I meant to say Oct- November...