San Diego Hospitals and Salaries

  1. My husband and I are planning to relocate to San Diego. I'm wondering what the salaries look like for a nurse with a 3 years expereince? Thanks
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  3. by   Faeriewand
    San Diego doesn't pay as much as other areas but it's a nice place to live. Not too cheap however. Check out the websites of the hospitals around here. Go to and (Scripps Mercy is in Downtown San Diego) There are several Scripps Hospitals and several Sharp ones too. Kaiser Permanente (san Diego) Also there is Paradise Valley in National City. There is also the UCSD hospital in Downtown and they have a website too. Good luck!
  4. by   DM66
    Thanks, I've visited those websites and found that there are plenty of job options. Do you have any idea what the range of hourly pay is for a nurse in San Diego? I saw a posting for San Fran that listed the pay at about 42-56 per hour. How much less are San Diego hospitals paying? Thanks again!!!!
  5. by   Snwbdr
    SF might pay more, but the cost of living is ridiculous in SF.....just something to think about
  6. by   DM66
    Yeah I know tha cost of living is significantly more in SF but I'm trying to get a base because my husband will going to school full time and I'm trying to establish some sort of budget. He will not be working and I will be our only source of income. So hence the requests for hourly base pay. I know they are approximate but it will help give me an idea of a yearly income. Thanks!! P.S. I currently live in New Mexico and that's why the inforamtion would also be helpful.:wink2:
  7. by   Snwbdr
    I'm still a student, but from what my instructors told me $25-27/hr is about what new grads are starting that may be a baseline for you....of course that's all hearsay, maybe someone else can pitch in with some real numbers....good luck to ya....
  8. by   LVN-RNhopeful
    Holy crap!!! Really!!?? I was making $28/hr at my last job in Ventura as an LVN!!!
  9. by   sissiesmama
    Quote from LVN-RNhopeful
    Holy crap!!! Really!!?? I was making $28/hr at my last job in Ventura as an LVN!!!
    No way!! I've been out of school a while - I'm an RN now but when I graduated from LPN school here, starting salary was about 12.00 an hour. Of course, we live in Louisiana, and that is nothing to brag about!!!

    ANne, RNC
  10. by   swtrn
    Hi, i know that ucsd med center follows the CNA union pay rates. a new grad will start around $31-32 an hour. a CNII is anyone with more than 6 months experience will start at base $33 and of course bases are higher depending on years of experience that you come in with. Differentials are around $3.85 for nights and $2.80 for weekends (thus, 3.85+2.80 for weekend nights). hope this helps.
  11. by   DM66
    Thanks to all for your input!!!!! It does help.:bowingpur
  12. by   fil149
    Key me updated about your job hunt. Im in the same situation as you. Willl be 1 and a half years RN when I make the move in February. Would like to know about current pay, paid time off, and required weekends to work in San Diego. Also is there a market for RN's in the area? Im from philly and it seems every hospital here is in a hiring freeze.
  13. by   DM66
    I sure will. Have you submitted the necessary info for your CA nursing license? I sent my about 3-4 weeks ago. I'm hoping to hear soon. The website indicates about 4-6 weeks. We'll see. LOL.
  14. by   niasmom
    I work in a San Diego hospital also with 3 years experience and I make 34.80 an hour for dayshift. Night shift dif is about 5/hr. It's decent for out here. Survivable for sure.