sacramento, california

  1. i would like to know the average house rental, standard of living,

    transportation and also, is it a nice place to raise kids? how much would the

    starting salary for RN if you are on a night shift? pls share any information

    if you have.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    hi. moved your thread to the ca nurses forum where you'll have more responses. :wink2:
  4. by   BonnieSc
    I think the bottom salary for a hospital-based RN is about $38. For a house rental, it depends a lot on what specific area you're looking at and how large the house would be. A nice one-bedroom apartment costs between $800 and $1000 monthly, I'd say, in Sacramento itself. West Sacramento is a place that's coming up; I think it'd be good to look there. As for raising kids--well, again, it depends on the area. Some of the schools are all right, and some aren't.
  5. by   NurseguyFL
    I agree with Wendy. I also looked into positions in Sacramento and all of them are paying mid to high 30s per hour. Renting in Sacramento is not cheap if you want to live in a nice area, but it is still more affordable than San Francisco. If you're planning to buy, Sacto is one of the few cities in Cali where you can still buy a small home or townhouse for under $300,000. I like Sacramento (with the exception of the heat sometimes) because you are close to and have access to everything you need and its not jammed with crowds and nightmarish traffic as you would find in bigger cities like LA or San Fran. But as with anywhere else you have to be choosy about where you live and send your kids to school because some parts of the city are good and others are not so good.

    I was recently in Sacto and although some parts of the city are a bit run down, they are not as bad now as they used to be. You WILL need to get a car if you don't already own one because the public transportation system is not so hot, and getting around by taxi is VERY expensive.
  6. by   Kashia
    Check out www. resource here in California...
  7. by   mayflower2000
    guys, thanks for all your replies. i am looking forward to work in california. i love the weather.:blushkiss
  8. by   777RNThatsMe
    The state is so darn big lol. I still am looking around and I have a feeling it's gonna be a decide......... I want to buy a home in the next year and...well...hard to do that in CA esp as a single person