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Hey everyone, I'm feeling really bummed out about trying to become a nurse! :crying2: I was going to go to Chaffey, but I absolutely have to work full time and the only ft jobs that I can find that... Read More

  1. by   NickiLaughs
    still look into redlands adult school, it's a lot cheaper and it's the hours you want. You might h ave to wait a bit longer for the program to start, but it's only 3000 as opposed to 20,000.
    I went to Concorde in San Bernardino, I hated it, but I can't complain because I got through it and now I have a good job. However, if you ask the 60% of our class who got dropped for either getting a C in a class or for missing 1 clinical more than allowed, and they still have to pay back 10000$ for a program they didnt' finish, I think they'd say they're a little ticked
  2. by   chuchie
    Quote from TheCommuter
    That's a strange question, as very few people exist who seriously like nursing school. Nursing school is an intense experience that can take it's toll on the physical, social, financial, and emotional aspects of your life. Don't select a school based on whether you think you'll like it. It is wiser to research the school's NCLEX pass rates and other objective data before making an informed decision. Good luck.
    I meant to say if they liked the education they received from the school.
  3. by   Bala Shark
    Look for the school that has a high NCLEX rate..It does not matter if the students like the school or not..The bottom line is that you pass the NCLEX and that is with proper and good information
  4. by   robertMA
    Hi chuchie, my name is Robert and when I came across your message, I feel like I know you :0) I feel exactly the same way you feel and going through the same situation. I have been looking for LVN programs/RN programs that offer classes at night and weekends because I have to work during the day full time. Please reply to my message and/or anyone who can help. Maybe if we stick together we can help each other out and find a program with night classes