Newly hired new grads in the Bay Area: what made you stand out?

  1. To those who are new grads in the Bay Area and were hired or got into new grad programs, what do you think made you or your resume stand out in hundreds of applications nursing recruiters go through?

    In over a hundred of applications to new grad programs or RN I positions, I have not received a single phone call.
    I have a close to 4.0 GPA, BSN, and BLS & ACLS certified.
    I do not know what else I could do to make my resume stand out.
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  3. by   youknowho
    The only New Grads that were hired in my facility this year were people who already were techs or CNAs there.
  4. by   Manang Biday
    If you graduated with a BSN, do you put it together with the "RN" after your name? Like Name, RN, BSN?
    I only have RN, but someone told me that it'll help my resume stand out since my name will have the largest font and some recruiters/managers prefer BSN.
  5. by   urfoxyrn
    What's the difference between putting RN or BSN after your name?
  6. by   MammaNurse2Be
    RN-registered nurse-usually means a 2 yr ADN program
    BSN-is an RN that received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing-4 year degree