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good idea to pay 50k for an ADN program that i could start right away? all other options require waiting at least 2 years. eg, cc have 2-5 yr waitlists, bsn programs require more pre-reqs, etc.... Read More

  1. by   Kaligirl02
    Hey liberty did i hear you right?? are you a military spouse?? if am I. You were talking about how to pay have you heard about the spouses assistance plan? It give dependents spouses 6k for school.
  2. by   WittleOnesRN
    I used the Board of Reg Nursing of Ca to help me find schools in my area. I wanted to make sure they approved of the schools cause I was scared of non-accredited school.

    IF you decide to pay 50k for a RN sure to get a job in a hospital during your schooling. It might help you get a job when you graduate. With the way the economy is right now and the difficulty in finding a job for New Grads it might be frustrating to have to pay that loan off without a nursing job.

    Also, many hospitals have programs which helps employees get into RN Programs.
  3. by   yesdog
    I wouldn't do it. Many of the hospitals are hiring mostly BSN and MSN now. So be careful if you want to work in the acute care setting. Why don't you get a job in a hospital while you wait? It will look good on your resume. Just my thoughts.
    p.s.- maintain a good GPA also. :P
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    I spent what ended up being a total of 50k for my education 15k at the BSN program I was doing, then I had a family situation change, and needed to finish ASAP, and that was the accelerated RN which cost me 35k. Unfortunately, I absolutely HAD to do it that way. If you have a choice, no dire family emergency, I would ultimately wait. It's not really that much longer for the accelerated BSN programs you're considering. And everyone's right, it's not easy to find work as a new grad right now anyway. So it will give you a chance for the economy to recoup.
  5. by   50caliber
    If time is something you really value at this moment, do it. Once you finish and get hired, 50k is not a lot if you are a RN in the bay area.

    To put in perspective, I paid way less than that for my education in the UC plus the cost of getting my ADN in the bay area was chump change. I did wait 4 quarters though to get in.
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    Yeah, but most new grads can't find jobs right now in the Bay area, I went to school up there, and only two people in my class of 30 have been able to find work. And ALL of them worked as LVN's. Their facilities they've worked at for 10 years wouldn't even hire them as RN's. So that should not even be factored in. Jobs are not guaranteed in this economy, and spending 50k on school could really hurt.
  7. by   Maliffy
    I recently graduated from a California Community College. I waited a year and a half on the waiting list to get a spot.

    I heard from some people who work in administrative positions at the college that they have EMPTIED the waiting list because so many people whose "turn" it is are not able to enroll for economic reasons, like not being able to cut their work hours etc...

    So while it may be true that the waiting lists USED to be somewhat ridiculous, it might not be the case in your area. It might be worth a could get lucky and save $45,000 without having to wait too long.

    Best of luck to you!
  8. by   *guest*
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i would go for it.
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  9. by   Blondie24
    If you're in SoCal, check out Mount St. Mary's ADN program. It's approx. $30K.

    I am currently entering my 3rd semester of their ADN program. No waiting list.