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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey banana! Well if you think you did not do very well then I guess I didn't either...I got a 85.3%. If you go back a couple of pages someone on here told everyone how to calculate your prereqs. It was very helpful! I am sure you will be fine! It looks like you might have around a 3.7 in prereqs! I am just glad it is all was soooo stressful!
  2. by   SanDiegoNurse2bAt48
    Hi Banana and Twilight. Congrats on getting through the TEAS, sounds like your scores are in the pretty good range from what I hear. A few of the girls from the April 2009 cohort got scores in the upper 80's, so I'm sure you two will get in. Can you tell me a little about what the questions were like? I'm almost finished with A&PII and really nervous about the TEAS. I'm not that great in math. Are there many math problems? Thanks for the info.

    Welcome Candiedapples, Twilight gave you the best suggestion to go back and read this entire thread from the beginning. It does answer a lot of questions that you may have. Good luck and I'm sure you will do fine.
  3. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey SanDiegoNurse! Thanks! That really makes me feel better! I emailed my adviser to see what she thought too. Oh man, the TEAS was not as hard as I thought it would be. The math was not too bad. Just study your fractions, ratios and percentages. I also had one question that asked me to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. I did almost run out of time on the math portion so you really need to pace yourself. There was no time for me to double check any of my answers and I had to sort of guess on 6 of them. The science questions were a bit more tricky. Just make sure study all basic science. I found this website that was great for that! Go to For the other subjects like astronomy it is on that site too. Reading is extremely simple. I didnt study for it and I got a 97.5 in that section. The English section for me was a little tricky. But I did well in that too! So dont worry! You will be fine!
  4. by   prettyinpink57
    Quote from candiedapples
    Hi everyone! I got into the accelerated second bachelor's program, and will be starting in January. I'm pretty scared though! Is there anybody in a recent cohort who would care to share what their experience has been so far? What is the NCLEX pass rate? Where do you do clinicals? I am just hoping I made the right decision to go to National over another school. Iknow that it's quick (and expensive) but how do you feel the quality of your education is? A little background on me: I was in OU's program last year but failed clinical in the second semester so this past year I've been trying to rebuild my confidence and became a CNA. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance because I can't afford to fail again!!


    Hey candieapples! Congrats on getting in the program! I'm not sure on the exact NCLEX pass rate for NU but I've heard it's very good. I was doing my clinicals at Pomerado Hospital yesterday and ran into a girl who told me she was a new grad from NU's program and passed her NCLEX the first time with only 75 questions!

    I'd be happy to share my experience with you... I started in April so I have now been in the program for 6 months. It has FLOWN by! I did clinicals for "Fundamentals of Nursing" at Balboa Naval Hospital on the cardiac floor (which I absolutely loved!) and clinicals for "Medical-Surgical Nursing I" at Pomerado Hospital on the Med-surg floor with a couple days in the ER. Our final for Med-Surg I is on Sat (hoping to get an A!). That means that very next Monday we begin Med-Surg II! (We only get 4 weeks off a year... 1 in the spring, 1 in the summer, and 2 for the holidays). My group's clinicals will be at Pomerado Hospital again but we'll be working in the ICU (scary but exciting!). We'll also be working some days in the ER, PACU, IR, OR, Endoscopy, etc.

    As for the program as a whole... I really do enjoy it, and I am learning more than I ever have in my life! Everything is interesting and exciting. Some teachers can be very frustrating, but others are exceptional and have stories that remind you why you are becomming a nurse. It is EXTREMELY intense. Be prepared to study your BUTT off for 2 years - but it can be done! Have a little confidence in yourself, you'd be surprised how much that can help! Don't be afraid to ask questions, and while you're in clinicals volunteer to do any procedure that comes up, even if you're not quite sure. The instructors are good and will help you!

    Anyways, I have made this long enough... Feel free to ask any questions! I still have a long road ahead but am happy to share my experiences so far!
  5. by   prettyinpink57
    Oh and becomming a CNA was a great decision! I did that too before my program started and I feel like it has helped!
  6. by   twilight_saturn
    Hmph! Waiting sucks! I know it has only been about a week since I took my TEAS and essay but it is killing me! We get our acceptance/denial in late October to the beginning of November. UGH! I am so nervous! :lol_hitti How are you guys feeling?
  7. by   Murse520
    Hey Twighlight,
    I'm a bit nervous but not as much as I used to be, There is nothing I can do at this moment to change what the outcome will be so I am just hoping everything goes well. I was just wondering if you knew if they grade our essays and show us what we got on our essays? Also do you know the amount of people who applied to the program and the amount that get in? From my knowledge about 80 or 200 apply per cohort and 50 get in, but I am hearing from different people that 800 apply or 2000 apply and 50 get in so I am confused about that. When I took my essay there were only about 12-14 people.
  8. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey Murse! You are right...we have done all we can. I don't think they tell us what we got on our essays, although I don't see why it would not be possible to ask. My adviser told me last cohort "well over 100 people" applied for 50 spots. So I am pretty sure the 800-2000 is BS. Probably people trying to deter others from applying. There were a lot of people taking the TEAS and essay with least 25. When I took the TEAS, it told me what the average score was for the program. It was ~77%. I think that is the average for all the people applying, not just those who got in though.
  9. by   Murse520
    I see, thank you very much for the clarification.
  10. by   twilight_saturn
    Yeah! No problem!
  11. by   candiedapples
    prettyinpink57, thanks very much for your reply! I'm feeling better about starting nursing school after reading this thread. Are you and your classmates pretty tight-knit and supportive of each other?
  12. by   prettyinpink57
    DEFINITELY!!!! Some of the people in my cohort are turning out to be some of my best friends! But even as a cohort of 45ish we are all friends! It's great and I'm glad you get to stick with the same group for the program! (Assuming I pass!)
  13. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey! Does anyone know if National does externships to other hospitals?