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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   nissy_nc
    just applied for April cohort....anyone else apply?
  2. by   nissy_nc
    Have you gotten a Teas test date yet?
  3. by   nissy_nc
    Planning to start studying the TEAS test soon does anyone have the book for V that they want to sell and or any idea what the essay question might be?
  4. by   dreamerNU
    Hello all! I'm glad I found this NU nursing forum and that i'm not alone on this journey! Anyway, I'm an NU student who wants to apply in January 2012 for the generic program. I have most of my prereqs done (currently finishing Micro/lab) and will be attending the forum in November. My question is for those who are in the program, was was your GPA in the core classes? Have you heard or is a person who has gotten in with an average GPA in the core classes? Thanks!
  5. by   MarieYee
    Depends on what you call an average GPA. Most nursing students make A's and maybe B's, rarely C's. I was accepted into Cohort 29 with a 3.68 core GPA.
  6. by   zannica22811
    Anyone taken or taking NSG 322 online??? I am taking it in a few weeks and a bit nervous about that course. I have zero statistics experience and my excel experience is pretty basic. Any input on the tests, work, expectations??? Are the tests timed? Thanks =)
  7. by   SDLOVE
    Hi All,

    I just finished my prereqs for the BSN program. I plan on applying in April, currently studying for the TEAS. However I didn't do so great in the core classes, averaging to around B-C. My GPA is the min requirement, I'm just concerned with the likely hood of acceptance.
  8. by   SDLOVE
    Thanks for the encouraging words. I too received low B's and 2 C's in my sciences and was beginning to feel down after reading a few of these post.
  9. by   SDLOVE
    Quote from Murse520
    Hello Swede_girl726,

    I think people are forgetting that the prereqs are 30% of your point total to get in. You should strive to get A's and or B's. I did not have A's in any of my prereqs, I even had C's. It all depends on the competition of your cohort, and it also depends on if you retook a class, your TEAS grade and your Essay grade. If you feel you have poor grades, then strive to do your best on the essay and Teas. I got in with no A's, good essay grade and good teas grade. Then again I was an alternate, but still, for someone to say to "not waste your time" is not a good motivator to some of these people, especially knowing how hard it is to get into a nursing program. Do your best, if you lack in one area, try and make up for it in the others. Gl with your pre-reqs!
    Thanks for the encouraging words. I too received low B's and 2 C's in my sciences and was beginning to feel down after reading a few of these post.
  10. by   BenJammn
    ^ True.

    I got a B in Micro, C in Anatomy (repeated it, first time got an F), B in Physio (repeated, first time got a C), and B in Chem 100.
    Did okay on the TEAS (74%), and a great essay, though I don't know how they graded it. Completed the NU requirements like NSG 322, research writing etc and applied for Cohort 25 LVN-BSN that started Jan. 2011. I'm scheduled to finish this March... and let me tell you.. it's been a roller-coaster ride.

    NU's passing rate for the 2010/2011 was 75% on the NCLEX first time attempt. Looked it up on, so to improve their scores they stepped up their ATI testing standards summer of 2011. The program suddenly become significantly harder as you couldn't pass the class unless you passed the ATI exam. At the end of the program you take a Comprehensive ATI predictor and if you don't end up passing that bad-boy you fail the program. Wasn't like that in twenty-ten... I just took the Comprehensive last fri. and failed it. Thankfully I can retake the exam!
  11. by   Murse520
    Of course! I remember feeling down about my chances, then I got an email about my acceptance. True, the program got tougher with the installment of a mandatory pass/fail ATI exam for most classes, but hard work and determination should help you through the hard times. It is definitely an emotionally draining and sometimes physically draining program, but always keep your goal in mind and it will come to you. I just finished my last class and will be graduating in May so there is hope :]. Good luck!
  12. by   msquaredthefirst
    I'm sure this has been covered already, but there are so many pages on this thread. What are the prereqs for the accelerated BSN program? I read the catalog's "preparation for the major" section but it seems like half those classes are already nursing classes.
  13. by   BenJammn
    Ha! I'm graduating with you, man nurse. We're wrapping up NSG440 and I failed the stupid ATI comprehensive. Repeating it this march...
    See you in May!