1. Good evening everyone,

    I didn't see a thread for potential Mt sac nursing students applying for Fall 2018. Since, I am from Northern California I think this is the best way for me to connect with the others who are applying.
    How many points are you applying with ?
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  3. by   MoniqueS9
    Hi! I will be applying (as soon as my degrees post on my transcripts) for Mt Sac! Have you taken the HESI test? I know you mentioned living up state, so I'm not sure how that all works . Good luck with everything !
  4. by   MoniqueS9
    Also, I am applying with between 71.5 and 76.5 I believe. The point system always confuses me haha
  5. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Hi Monique! Thank you!! I took the hesi test! Goodluck to you too! I am either at a 74 or a 79 depending on if I get my cna certificate in time. I took it on Feb 3 They said it takes up to 6 weeks to send the certificate. I called the school and asked them but the lady that picked up was very rude. Lol. She told me that if they're looking for the license number and expiration date it must be on there. I asked her because I have temporary certificates and they just state that official copy will be mailed to me once they have the background check complete. However I was wonderifing if I could also ask the background check place to give me a copy that shows my background is clear and attach the temporary certificate. Since they already accept unofficial for all other documentation. However I have another option which is printing my name off the state registry once it appears which should take anywhere from 3-4 weeks. It has both the license number and expiration date. I hope it goes through! Are you applying anywhere else ?
  6. by   renzzy14
    Hey guys I also applied for the fall 2018. I have 83.5 points I believe. I attended the workshop last January and the instructor told us that last semester, the cut off points was 74 points including wait lists. She also mentioned not to worry too much if you're in the waitlist because all students in the waitlist will eventually get in after the first semester. I wish everyone of us a Good Luck!!
  7. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Hi Renzy,
    Thank you! Goodluck to you too! Wait so what do you mean by the cut off was 74 with the waitlist ? What was it without the waitlist ? How does the waitlist work? Do they have a new waitlist every application period ?sorry for all the questions lol!
  8. by   marvel-Ko
    Hey guys, I also applied for the Fall '18 semester. I applied with 83 points.
  9. by   renzzy14
    It means that the last person that got in the top 100 has 74 points. However, there are cases that there are multiple people with the same number of points. So they take the one who applied the earliest. The waitlist are alternates. They take 100 people, 60 that are for sure in, and 40 alternates. The alternates replaces people who decides not to go to the program, or fails within the first semester.
  10. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Thanks so much for clarifying that!! Do they keep the alternates for the following semester ? Or does it change every semester? asking because in an earlier post you mentioned that all students in the waitlist eventually get in. Thank you again for answering all my qs !
  11. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Hi does anyone know if math 71 needs to be completed before applying ? I know they wrote eligible to apply. It's not on the application.
  12. by   jrock106
    Hi everyone. I'm applying with 83-85 points. I applied kinda late because I had taken the HESI at an outside location. I hope my late application doesn't negatively affect me too much; I finished before the deadline. I had a little mix up with the nursing Department in verifying that they had received my HESI scores. Hopefully I didn't screw up my application. I'm dying right now. I wish the best of luck to all of you.
  13. by   cnabret
    Hi can someone please help me.

    I am in the process of working on my application. I am very confused.

    I took anatomy twice so I put completed twice. When I input the first time i took anatomy in the anatomy column it says institution name (Repeat location). However, it does not ask for my grade at the repeat location. I am scared because it looks like I have a C in anatomy because the repeat location does not ask for the grade you obtained in the repeated location. Do I add another anatomy and enter the grade I got when repeated? Or do I only include the repeated location and omit the first attempt?

    Institution Name Cal State Univ-
    Course Title

    Semester/Quarter Semester Quarter
    Times Completed
    Institution Name (Repeat Location)
  14. by   jrock106
    ^ I'm not sure, I've only taken my sciences once. I would just make a quick phone call to the nursing Department to ask. This way you don't receive the wrong info. They're usually quick in answering my questions.