LVN pay and duties??

  1. What is the pay for LVN in San Diego and Temecula?

    What are LVN job duties??? When I was told that I have to learn how to bathe and change dirty diapers is a BIG no no for me. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    There are other duties also, but providing personal care to patients in the form of baths and brief changes ARE a part of a nurses duties if you work in direct patient care.
    Now if you work in another venue say a physicians office you might be able to avoid these duties. That being said you WILL NOT be able to avoid them while in nursing school.
    If these are absolutely not gonna happen deals for you you may want to explore a non-medical field as disrobed people and bodily wastes are nearly unavoidable. especially while training.
    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    There's an ad for LVN's in temecula making on 12 hour shifts. However, it is home health, in which case you would be changing diapers and all the stuff you don't want to do.
    All through nursing school you'll have to do them anyway, i'd say about 80% of clinicals at least required this task of changing diapers, brushing teeth, etc)
    You would probably end up working in a clinic or office because that's the only place you'll avoid it. And they really pay much lower, like 15/hr? (I live in riverside, that's what it is around here)
    However, san diego county will pay a little more.
  5. by   Kashia
    You will learn this in school as part of basic nursing care. then....depends on where you work. In acute care, usually the nurse assistants will do daily routine and you will be passing meds, dressing changes etc...however the possability of walking into a room and needing to help a pt remains high or assisting another nurse or NA. In skilled care you will really focus on meds.
    Pay...I have 5 yrs exp acute care. My wages fall between $23-$26 hr with time and a half for last four hours on a 12 hr shift. Some hospitals ( if you hire on staff full time) do not offer the 1 1/2 benefit but registries always do.
    LVN's make good money in California. Don't know about other states, except pay can be lower with RN's making same or even less than CA LVN.
    good luck.
  6. by   Noi_817
    thanks for the reply. im planning to do a double major in DH and LVN. Trying to become a NA then LVN while im taking some of my prereq for dh.
  7. by   happylvn
    I make about $25 an hour doing home care as an INP for Medi-Cal. I've been doing it for 2 years now and love it.. being my own boss. I used to work for Maxim making $18/hour and hated their office politics. It's great being my own boss & setting my own schedule!
  8. by   nrs_yessi
    Can you tell me what an INP is and what your duties include? I'm currently an LVN student and am exploring what to do after I finish school...thanks!
  9. by   fun-key
    I was an INP through medi-cal, and found it difficult to coordinate my RN supervisory visits, as well as doing my own taxes... yuck... became a Maxim nurse in '06, and although my wages are lower, I was ready to be semi-retired, and I have the luxury of not living paycheck to paycheck. I would recommend Maxim to anyone who would like their agency to do all the messy work (taxes, paperwork, dr.'s orders, etc...) and who want to focus on simply nursing.
  10. by   CalNevaMimi
    Even in the past as a school teacher I had to deal with bodily functions. I'm over being bothered by it. My guess is that nobody would want their nurse to be uncomfortable with's humbling enough just to have to rely on someone else to take care of you when you're that vulnerable. I'd say that if you have trouble with any of it, you might want to volunteer somewhere first just to see how it goes. Good luck to you.