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  1. So if you get the study guides yourself, how do you go about taking the tests? Who do you contact?
  2. nrs_yessi

    LVN Student going to Graduate this weekend

    Congratulations!! You should be very proud!!
  3. nrs_yessi

    LVN Schools in Southern California-which one?

    good advice... I agree!
  4. nrs_yessi

    19 years old..with baby HELP!

    Susan, Good luch w/whatever you decide to do! I know you can do it! It will be up to you when you decide to do it. I have put off having children and can't wait to finish school to get a job and start a family. But I have been wanting to get pregnant for so long! In your case you need to decide if you will be able to financially make the sacrifice it will take, if you can dedicate time away from your family to study, and if you have a family/spouse who will support you and take on some of the duties when you have to study. If you can manage it, good for you... but don't feel bad if you need to wait a year or two while you get your things in order. You are so young!! you can take your time and do what feels right to you.
  5. nrs_yessi

    Looking for a lvn school in southern cali

    As far as I know, most LVN schools in LA/OC dont have prereqs so you don't have to start over. You probably just have to pass a basic education test. Try checking this website for schools near you... http://www.bvnpt.ca.gov/
  6. nrs_yessi

    I'm afraid I may not pass my first semester

    Like everyone else says.. just relax! Trust me, this seems so hard right now but when you are further in the program you will be asking yourself "why was I so worried about that"!!! You DO need to study hard, It helped me to do many problems in a workbook for practice. But do try to relax because anxiety can ge the best of you. Good luck!!
  7. nrs_yessi

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    Congrats!! I just graduated 2 weeks ago as well, and I feel you. I feel like I need more practice, but my friend who is an RN told me that it is normal to feel that way and that it will all come back to you when you are working. Hopefully we end up at a place where our more experienced co-workers are willing to help us out as well.
  8. nrs_yessi

    Kicked to the curb, thanks

    That doesn't sound right... you should really speak to someone at the school to see if you can appeal their decision, especially since it sounds like you are close to being done.
  9. nrs_yessi

    Starting LVN program- Have a credit rating question?

    I have a friend who lost her job, and unfortunately her house, while we were in school. She was able to get her license w/o a problem even though her credit was bad, so I don't think you have to worry... unless, like the other post says, the money is owed to the govt
  10. I dont know what the LPN program costs in your area but if it is like here in California, I would advise you work as a CNA while you go for your RN. You are young and don't have to rush things. Good luck whatever you decide!
  11. nrs_yessi

    Fastest LPN to BSN Program

    How do you like the ISU program? Is that the online program w/ clinicals assigned in your area? About how long is it going to take you to complete the program, and what courses had you completed before starting it? Thanks for the info!
  12. nrs_yessi

    LVN pay and duties??

    Can you tell me what an INP is and what your duties include? I'm currently an LVN student and am exploring what to do after I finish school...thanks!