LVN-BSN National University January 2013 cohort

  1. Hello!

    I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.
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  3. by   SocalLVNguy
    I have as well!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my date to take the TEAS V Teast (October 3rd @ 10 am) My buddy has also applied; his TEAS date is Oct 4th. I gotta study!
  4. by   tawnyalee
    I also applied my teas date is also October 3rd, I just hope we all get in. I heard rumors that the reason they extended the application period is because there wasn't enoigh applicants.
  5. by   SDOCLAgirl
    Awesome! I'm glad I came across others that have applied, too. I also got a date of Oct. 3rd but requested to change it. Now I have Sep 28th. Are you both in SD? Working right now?

    Tawnyalee: Thanks for sharing that piece of info. I was wondering why the application date was extended. I hear last year they had around 45 applicants? Crossing fingers we all get in!
  6. by   tawnyalee
    Yes san Diego working at AL and an urgent care and I intern at the new Palomar hospital, I'm just super excited to start the next chapter! I hope we have good clinical sites!!
  7. by   SammiN
    I am also taking the TEAS exam on Oct 3rd. Does anyone know how many times we can take the TEAS for National University? Is everyone currently working as an LVN? I was able to challenge the Nursing Board and take the NCLEX-PN test due to my military experience, but have not worked as an LVN. If anyone would like to meet up to study I live in San Diego.
  8. by   alice1623
    Quote from SDOCLAgirl

    I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.
    are any of you guys still currently taken any courses at NU..?? i am taken classes @ NU/LA right now and will be done in dec. Do you guys know when you can apply for LVN-BSN again at NU/SD ???
  9. by   SammiN
    I believe you can apply in November. I completed all coursework except for the coursework in the LVN-BSN program.
  10. by   MrCAPR
    Hello to all, I have also applied for the January cohort, my test date is september 28th and I am super nervous that I cannot study at all. I start doing the practice test and I get distracted by thinking about the program and how is going to be.. a whole bunch of random questions come to my mind such as, what am i gonna do if i do not get accepted? OMG... is thrilling!!!! I hope we all get in, plus they just take a limited LVN to the cohort!

    Is anyone from Riverside area who wants to become my study buddy for the test? let me know please!


  11. by   SocalLVNguy
    I live in Murrieta (Riverside County) I studied today for the TEAS test it seems pretty challenging, especially the math portion! I have not worked typical math problems in what seems like YEARS! AHHH! Hopefully we all get in the program it would be the iceing on the cake to what has been many years of planning and adacemics! Soooooooooo anyone know about the essay? How do yall feel about it? I believe we do the essay first then get a lunch break then attend the dreaded TEAS exam. It will be a long day thats for sure. I am finished with all the classes except for the spanish in the workplace and of course the actual lvn-bsn classes. Prayers for high points for all of us on the exam.

    To answer a question posted above - I believe you can take the TEAS test multiple times for NU and have you the opportinuty to better the score, but many other schools only take your first passing score (>62% for the other school I have applied for) so study hard!
  12. by   SDOCLAgirl
    Hello, everyone!

    Yes, I think you can take the TEAS again but have to wait 45 days or something. You can email the nursing counselor about that, as I'm not entirely sure.

    I JUST got my TEAS V book in the mail today, and will have to start studying ASAP - my test date is Sep. 28th. Eeks! Yes, the math portion and life/physical science portions are so intimidating. The proctored essay is, too, since we will have to follow a prompt and write thoroughly and well (sweating already). I'll need a shot of coffee during the break. I work in private-duty nursing and for a home health agency... I've forgotten some science lessons so I'll definitely have to refresh on that.

    I lived in SD (Mission Valley) for 8 years but now reside back in LA, so I won't be able to meet any of you for study session. BUT... when we all get into the program, maybe we can start figuring something out for study groups. Holla! =) Good luck, all!!!
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  13. by   Isnmichelle1
    Hi all!

    I have also applied to the jan cohort! But my advisor advised me incorrently! So i'm not sure i'll get in!!!! She said that it was ok to take the Teas test and then take it again on the 28th that way to get some practice in and i could use the better score. Well today i looked after i took the test and per their own website you have to wait 60 days between test. i got a 72.7 so not horrible but probably not enough to get me in Guess we will see. Wishing you all well! The ati book was pretty good at helping i ran through it in a week bc she said i should take it and i made a 72...can't imagine if i had another two weeks to study!!! ":/
  14. by   SocalLVNguy
    Ahh thats horrible that an advisor gave you incorrect information! 72 isnt that bad a score though. Do you think the study book corrleated with the actual test? It seems pretty vague over all though challenging at the same time especially the math and chemistry portion!

    Does anyone know how the essay is set up? If it is on a computer does the program have SPELLCHECK!?!?!? AHHHHHHH!