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Has anyone ever applied to RN positions within the sheriff's dept? I know that dealing with inmates can be dangerous work, but the pay and benefits look pretty good.... Read More

  1. by   pcrn510
    Quote from bsnwnab
    where/how do you apply?
    Hi bsnwnab-

    I'm not sure if they are still accepting applications for RN I positions, but call 1-866-806-8773, and check out www.lasd.org You can also schedule a tour of the jail by calling this phone number.

    If you do fill out the application, you will receive an email asking you to submit copies of your RN license and BLS certification. Follow all instructions very carefully, because everything you do is part of the selection process.

    After that is taken care of, you will receive a letter in the mail with the date of your written test. It is basic drug & dosage calculations and abbreviations. You must score 70% or higher to go on to the next step, which is the oral interview. I was told that it takes approximately 3 months to receive the results of your written test.

    I don't know what is on the oral interview. If you score 94% or higher on the written and oral tests combined, you will be placed in "Band A", which is the group of nurses who will be eligible for an open RN position before those who score lower than this (Bands B, C).

    After this, they start a very thorough background investigation. They are looking for honest nurses with good credit history, no felonies, no drug use, etc. Nothing shady in your past!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  2. by   PRN22
    Hello PCRN510,
    I have my written test back in Feb, a long waiting for this oral interview letter.
    Thanks for the information.
  3. by   lannette
    Hi everyone! the written test like others have said is extremely basic which consist of things you would never forget related to nursing math, just simple. i think there are about 40 questions; after taking it in 15-20 minutes max, you wont believe that was the test because it was so so easy that it might even make you second guess your answers. dont do it! yes, your first answer was correct! i took mines in mid feb 2011, got my results about 6 weeks later and then took the oral interview consisting of a nurse manager and a deputy (the lie detector) in mid may 2011 and got my results one week later, band A with 95%, higher than this is for veterans (100-110%). it was nice and i felt very comfortable. the questions went something like this: Scenarios: What would you do first? and why including delegation and why: A) a bleeding patient, B) an out of control violent patient C) non responsive patient D) i cant remember this patient. First, I let the panel interviewers know that I would need the help of at least one other person. ( the manager was nodding her head in agreement and the "lie detector" was just sitting there with a pleasant smile on his face, then i did not look at their faces anymore and just walked through the scenario and priority using the nursing process ( i called it, "my investigative tool" and the officer congratulated me on my definition and perspective, saying " I have never heard that before, but you are so right, that's exactly what it is". moving forward, i knew he was on my side, I loved it! So I moved forward to really impress them with "off the cuff unscripted conversation" of how I really loved nursing with all my heart, enjoying most servicing and educating others and more convo on what my true thoughts of nursing are from almost 20 years of nursing experience: lvn 11 years and rn 7 years, so dont be afraid to exspound where you can to make up for a question you didnt quite nail or to really show them who you are. this is most important: who are you and are you a good fit, so go for it! back to the scenario, i talked it out outloud to myself going back and forth with what i would do and how i would do it, voicing outloud all my rationale. afterwards, i stated what i would do to them and why and they both said " well done". other questions were: define what a nurse is and the role she fulfills? ( this was vague when she initally asked me this question, then i started saying "hmmm well, hmmm, i guess..." then she kindly rescued me and paraphased it making reference to patients, coworkers, doctors, mentoring of new grads and collaboration with ancillary staff. at this point everything was clear. so dont be afraid to have them restate the question another way. another questions was about your strengths and weaknesses. there were only about 5 questions they read off of a sheet of paper, the interview took about 20 minutes. if you do good or not-so good they will have you leave the interview feeling very comfortable and proud that you at least gave it a try and are taking steps towards a career that is very fulfilling and driven to help others. they really do understand that some people have performance anxiety and get nervous when asked to "prove" themself but take heart everyone who have not had there interview yet that they are very nice and pleasant people who only want you to do well and will encourage you in your strengths and comfort you where you fall short. You have nothing to fear! it was a great experience.

    Many Blessings to everyone, take care!

    p.s after i got my results from my may 17 interview, i checked the website for jobs and it said "none". shucks i thought, i think this had to do with the budget not being in yet. hopefully this will change soon!
  4. by   jfj0710
    i know this is an old thread but i have an upcoming written exam.. any advice? do they allow calculators for the drug calculations test?
  5. by   dveloro
    anybody that knows how to apply for los angeles sheriff RN? and can you give me advise, please email me @dveloro@gmail.com or callme at 3109200568.
  6. by   dveloro
    hi is there a way i can talk to you regarding job opportunities RN in the sheriff department.
  7. by   MiShai
    thank God for you and all your tips and advice, very encouraging. I have a written test coming up and your post was so helpful!