Looking 4 LA County New Grad Salary Link

  1. Hello All~

    I know I've seen this question asked millions of times on the board, but now that it actually applies to me I'd like more info.

    I live in Los Angeles County, looking to work at USC Medical Center, Children's Hospital of LA or somewhere downtown.

    What is the starting hourly rate for a new grad and how often are reviewed and moved up to the next pay scale?

    Many Thanks!

    If you know where this has all been discussed can you let me know the link!
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  3. by   ben123

    Hi, which department are u interested in?
  4. by   ben123
    This one is more select to nursing:

  5. by   michellesrndream
    I'm looking into oncology or med/surg night shift.
  6. by   tabymac
    Just wanted to give you an idea of the pay scale for new grad RN's at LAC+USC They had a job fair a few weeks ago and here are the latest pay rates:

    (This example is based on staff nurse with no experience, no bsn working in the emergency room on the night shift, on a weekend and bilingual certified as of Jan 2006

    Monthly salary: $4,820.00
    Night shift differential: $403.20
    Emergency room bonus: $100.00
    Bilingual bonus: $100.00
    Weekend differential (4 shifts): $72.00

    Total monthly: $5,495.20
    approx: $34 to start as a new grad

    your retention bonuses depend on how long you stay they have >3yrs and >5 yrs ($5,372.36 base pay + bonuses, certs & BSN)

    hope that helps....
  7. by   dijaqrn
    Remember when you look at LA county salaries they may seem low but your benefiys for the entire family are also covered 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!