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  1. OK, I am super flighty and now considering a job at Centinela hospital in Inglewood. Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of the hospital (conditions, wages, etc) or any other LA area hospitals? I am most concerned about finding a place where wages and cost of living seem in balance.
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    OK, I am super flighty and now considering a job at Centinela hospital in Inglewood.......
    My first reaction is NO, NO, NO!!! Centinela is a Tenet hospital and is one of the 19 that Tenet has put up for sale. It is also located in a less than desireable part of LA. Yes, it is giving big sign-on bonuses (wonder what the reason is for that) and yes, it is famous for being the "sports" (Lakers, Dodgers, etc) hospital, but who knows what will happen when the buy-out takes place.

    Most hospitals in the LA area offer good pay/benefits but you should know that the cost of living is also quite high (ex: 1-bedroom apartment in a good safe area will start at $1000/mo and usually will be higher. Right now, housing is at an all time high anywhere in the area).

    If you have a BSN I would suggest UCLA (excellent state benefits and continuing education with the university). Or, Cedars if you want a private non-profit hospital.

    About 20 miles south of the LA area in Torrance is Little Company of Mary (Providence Health System) which has less pay but is located in a nice area.

    Or, in Pasadena (just north of LA) is Huntington Memorial.

    Hope this helps.
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    I considered a job at Inglewood years ago. All it took was driving through the city to get to the hospital. I did not feel comfortable. When I lived in L.A. area, I lived in the San Fernando Valley. Only stayed 6 months because I disliked medicine so much in that area. Moved to Northern CA, not to mention, got married, and really liked that area so much more. Good luck to you. Be sure to research the area and visit before considering even a temporary assignment.
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    I have worked at Centinela Hospital via registry quite often.
    A few things to note:

    If you don't like working with minority populations, esp. those less versed in Healthcare, and thus appreciative of the teaching opportunities, you won't like working there.

    It's an older hospital, and while their CVICU is top notch, some of the older floors are less "sparkling", while still functional.

    The area is not the greatest, but it's not the worst either.

    I've worked their labor and delivery and CVICU/ICU. As I said, their ICU/CV is great, but the L&D unit is old fashioned (think Delivery rooms that you still have to roll your patients to)

    I don't know about management issues other than what I've seen in l & d...and that sucked.

    I wouldn't work there full time (even when they were offering $15K sign ons), but I went when my registry was offering BIG shift bonuses, and as a change of pace from my regular facility.
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    Sending you a pm.
  7. by   fergus51
    Thanks for all the replies... I am wondering if I am ever going to find a good hospital....

    How about San Jose anyone?
  8. by   Town & Country ABOUT San Jose?
    There is a hospital in Tracey that is supposedly expanding in hiring like mad, anyone know anything about it?
    It's a Southern Health Facility, I believe.

    Anyone know?
  9. by   youngRNstudent
    I suggest UCLA medical centerI work there as a nurse's aide and will be starting there when I graduate

    VERRRRY nice hospital, good pay + benefits.
    I had clinical at Centinela hospital and NO way would I work there. You should def. try to stay away from tenet hospitals!
  10. by   fergus51
    Thanks. I turned down the Inglewood job and am starting at a children's hospital in a few weeks.... Warm weather here I come!