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hey i just moved to california from connecticut. i met with kaplan college about their lvn program and i just ned some feedback about your experience as a student or grad. i really need this help... Read More

  1. by   plaza
    as for kaplan's accreditation, check the bvnpt website for all accredited schools in CA.

    there is also a link for pass rates
  2. by   Kaligirl02
    Thanks for all the info Plaza. The Sacramento hasn't produced an orientation yet, so your post gives me an idea what to expect.I wish you success on the Hesi exam, it really isn't that hard so I'm sure you'll do good. Iam getting soo nervous about all of this. We that are trying to go to Kaplan in Sacramento are waiting for calls now to have the interviews. I really wish there would be an orientation, but oh well. Thanks again!!!
  3. by   plaza
    is the sac kaplan accredited?

    I just looked online at the bvnpt site. the one in stockton is approved but not accredited. that is going to way heavily on my decision. that is not good.
  4. by   Kaligirl02
    It's approved but not accredited yet. The board is supposed to be going there begining of Sept. They said they were "for sure" it was getting accredited, but if they don't the program won't happen. So i guess we are in the same boat huh? lol. Are you planning on filling out the fasfa to see if you qualify for grants and other fed funding?
  5. by   plaza
    I've looked at the FAFSA forms and will be filling them out. The Kaplan folks won't even discuss financial aid until you make it to that step in the process.

    In a way, it's a bit frustrating to deal with them. They are very structured and organized and don't deviate one bit. No question is answered until they are ready to do so.

    But that formality is part of their culture, and that gives me some confidence that they know what they're doing. Have you experienced that?

    I've read on this board about how disjointed and disorganized other schools are. Bad instructors, admin that changes policy, clinicals in LT facilities and the lack of adequate hands-on to prepare for work and the NCLEX, etc...the list goes on.
  6. by   Emmi12
    Im looking at the Kaplan vista campus as well, Im also a military spouse, but wont look at starting until thier Feb program. I was looking at the Oct 12th program but that just wont work for me. I havent taken the HESI cause im still trying to figure out how to pay for the program, thats my only draw back at the momenti, the 31K price tag, which is insane.
    Know that i know the Sac campus is alot less, Im going to call the Sac campus on monday to see why there is a difference in cost, cause I would think the cost of the programs should be the same.
    ASHLIE - can i ask you how you figured out that it would be, possilby, only $950 out of pocket? I already know about the $3K and $2K grants for military spouses but thats all i know about. What is the the student loans that Kaplan does?
  7. by   jstylist
    FEb. is actually the best time to start the program because you can recieve the 2009 and 2010 FAFSA grants, and cal grants, there are a few others that the school automatically filed for me, i do have a child and people usually get more money in grants if you have children. A few people in my class with spouses in military got money to go to school. I hope that helps a little!
    I did fnd it very frustrating the way they refuse to talk financials until you have already signed on the dotted line. Most of my experience with dealing with the faculty (not instructors) has been frustrating, but im over half way done and no school is perfect! im just looking at it as being a little more prepared for the real world. :wink2:
  8. by   Emmi12
    how much is the fasfa grants and cal grants? Unless i can get this course to be less than $5k out of pocket, i wont be able to swing it. Are the financial aids really helpful in working the system to help you get financial aid?
    im going to look at purchasing the HESI book this week so i can start studying, i need to talk to someone about it all and see what we can get worked out.
    i know i can get round about $6k with being a military spouse but im going to need more help.
  9. by   Kaligirl02
    [/quote]ASHLIE - can i ask you how you figured out that it would be, possilby, only $950 out of pocket? I already know about the $3K and $2K grants for military spouses but thats all i know about. What is the the student loans that Kaplan does?[/quote]

    Well from what i was told it is 26,166 to go there. I have the 6k grant from the mycaa then i was told that i would be elidgable for the stafford loans(subsadized an unsubsadized) which altogether equals 25,699. so that leaves 467 out of pocket but someone said we have to pay for the books out of pocket as well.

    Also Emmi what grants are you talking about? i have only heard of the 6k one? do you mind sharing the info? thanks!!!
  10. by   Emmi12
    one of them was the CAA grant, then there is the FSFSA (but im not sure how much it is), and they have another grant I was told about through Military1Source.
  11. by   Emmi12
    LIBERTY_BELL: are you willing to see your HESI book when your finished with it? Or do you plan on keeping it?
  12. by   damagedsiren
    funny i am a single mother with full time custody of my son and i got barely any grant money, on top of it all i was just recently laid off, the money is seriously gonna kill me, i have been looking for scholarships everywhere.
    Oh and the HESI is pretty easy, i haven't been in school or done testing in well over a decade....
  13. by   Emmi12
    are the questions on the HESI exam similar to the practice test in the book? what parts should I focus on studing on?