Kaiser Permanente Compensation

  1. I am trying to figure out the compensation differences LA or OC vs Bay Area. I heard a lot that there is a substantial difference in pay, but what are the real numbers? I am ER RN with couple years of experience.
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  3. by   cha_cha
    i also wanted to know this
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    20 dollar an hour difference.
  5. by   FlyinRN2B
    I work for Kaiser but not as an RN (yet). I know as an RT pay in SoCal is the same per our union rules. We do have Tech 1, 2, 3, and 4. I think the same is for in NorCal but NorCal gets paid more than SoCal.
  6. by   Joe33
    I do not work at Kaiser but their RN payscale is online. I couldn't find their 2018 numbers but in 2017 an RN staff nurse 2 with 2 years of experience was making $67/hr. Staff nurse 2 with 5 years is $75/hr. Staff nurse 2 with 31years of experience is $81/hr. Evenings is 11%, nights 17.5%, weekends 10%.
  7. by   NYtoLA
    Hi Joe33, is this for the LA area?
    Also, where did you find this data as you did a better job than myself in finding it? Thank you.
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  8. by   Joe33
    The above entry is for Northern ca, I found on the nursesunited website when I googled it. The address is nursesunited.org/assets/PDF/Kaiser_contract.pdf.

    Southern ca contract I found by googling the following words: kaiser contract Southern California payscale and it was the fifth entry down, squarespace pdf.

    For southern ca, for 2017, it is 52.50/hr for staff nurse 2 with 2 years of exp, 59.70 for staff nurse 2with 5 years, 65.88 for staff nurse 2 with 10 years, and 71.02 for staff nurse 2with 25 years of experience.
  9. by   NYtoLA
    Thank you Joe33!
  10. by   NickiLaughs
    Be aware that kaiser cuts your experience in half when giving you credit. Example: 6 years experience they put you in the scale for 3 years experience. I was offered to transfer from kaiser nor cal to so cal and was quoted a 25$ an hour paycut. The Kaiser's in so cal have different contracts which isn't doing them any favors.
  11. by   NYtoLA
    Thanks !
  12. by   cha_cha
    i was told the difference was 15$ south cali vs north
  13. by   creber62
    They may be in the middle of contract negotiations
  14. by   NickiLaughs
    Quote from cha_cha
    i was told the difference was 15$ south cali vs north
    Depends on which part of so cal. There are different contracts in different regions in so cal but north is all one contract. The facility I was going to transfer to was a 25$ an hour paycut.