Job Offer: Kaiser or UCLA???

  1. Hello All! I'm looking for advice from other Los Angeles area nurses out there: after a year of experience in the ED, I have the opportunity to work as an ER nurse at either Kaiser or UCLA. I don't know which one to pick, and I'm hoping I can get some input from those who have worked either place and can provide some feedback on this. What should I know about working at either hospital?
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  3. by   Wolf at the Door
    Do both. See if one will hire you as per diem and one benefited position. I would go with who offers the most minimally availability for per diem. That might be Kaiser. Kaiser health benefits are better.
  4. by   Nursing24/7
    Both have their pros & cons. And both have great benefits & medical & pension plans. But both are good for long term careers. If you can try both out maybe per diem for both or part time for both.
  5. by   babeinboots
    Which UCLA facility? RR is a trauma center so the experience you'll get and the things you'll see will be better than Kaiser. I agree with previous posters and try and do both, but my personal opinion, do UCLA full time and per diem at Kaiser.