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  1. nikki199

    Job Offer: Kaiser or UCLA???

    Hello All! I'm looking for advice from other Los Angeles area nurses out there: after a year of experience in the ED, I have the opportunity to work as an ER nurse at either Kaiser or UCLA. I don't know which one to pick, and I'm hoping I can get some input from those who have worked either place and can provide some feedback on this. What should I know about working at either hospital?
  2. nikki199

    Oxygen therapy in ED

    Hello All, I'm new to Allnurses.com, and I had a question from more experienced nurses. I work in the ED, I'm a new grad, and I was wondering what pulse ox reading you usually see to determine different supplemental oxygen therapies? For example, how low would the pulse ox have to be to apply a nasal cannula, a simple mask, a nonrebreather, etc.? Like how would I know that I need to go to a nonrebreather automatically vs. a simple mask or just a nasal cannula? I know how many liters each one would need to be set at, I just don't know what types of situations I should know to apply different delivery systems at? Any help would be appreciated, thanks?