Hello from Albany, California

  1. Hello, I am a nursing student hopeful. Am waiting to hear from the various nursing schools. I am finishing my last of the prerequisites.
    Does anyone of you have some class lecture notes from Developmental or Lifespan psychology? I'm in a distance learning class and there's very little interaction and guidance form the instructor.

    Yes, I didn't know there was an Albany in California either, until my prior job caused me to move!

    I look forward to meeting you all on line.
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    Hi mola mola. I am new here too. I live in Castro Valley, not too far from you. What schools have you applied to? I applied at Chabot College for the fall, but won't hear until the end of May. I am also applying up at Shasta College too in Redding, as we love the area up there. Nice to meet you!

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    I have applied to Contra Costa College, Merritt College and Samuel Merritt College (which is a private school with hefty tuition, but they do not use lottery, just GPA and application essays).
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    Oh that's great! If I do not get into Chabot this year, I will reapply there next year, as well as Merritt College and Ohlone in Fremont. If I still do not get in any of those places next year (which would be really bad luck) then I will keep plugging along at more general ed classes so I can apply at Samuel Merritt. I hear it is t-o-u-g-h, but they have a great reputation and a lady I know of who graduated from there was offered a 6-figure salary at John Muir immediately upon graduation! Good luck!

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    Hi, thanks for replying. If we're both in the ABSN, I'd love to have a study partner or a carpool partner since we live so close!

    As for Psych notes, I'm just looking for class notes so I understand what are the key concepts that we should grasp. The text book is huge and overwhelming. There is no discrimination between what is of primary importance, and what is secondary. since I am on a quarter schedule, my courses will be over in 5 weeks, so I can return the notes pretty quickly.
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    I'm interested in meeting and talking with someone who is experiencing or has experienced the Accelerated nursing program at Samuel Merritt College. Anyone out there?
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    I am going to move this thread to the California Forum as it is state specific in the questions and programs that have been mentioned.