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Hi all, I was interested in applying to the Fresno State BSN program for spring 2010 but am unsure if my GPA makes the cut. I don't want to blow the extra $50-60 on a school I wouldn't get in to... Read More

  1. by   TurtleLittle
    To super: I don't know yet. It was funny like I almost got in a fight with the coordinator yesterday about the admission. They kinda "hold" my admission because I have one final class left and need to finish it within June. So although I have my 4.0 GPA, it still has to wait until the very end, that's what she said!keke some ppl know early r rare exceptions. The rest still have to wait until the end of June.

    So where did u decide to go? I visited Fresno on Sunday. I got to tell u, it's really different from the Bay. To me, everything in Fresno is kinda flat n far away!It looks nice, but then feels really alien! You come to SFSU n u would see the huge change. Always crowded!
  2. by   cookiecukie
    how is fresno? how did you guys find an apartment or place to live so fast!
  3. by   cookiecukie
    does anyone have any suggestions for good appartments that are fairly cheap in fresno? near csu fresno?
  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   pinayluv78
    Sorry, I really don't know. I'm transferring next semester but will be commuting from Hanford. U should check the bulletins at Fresno state for a room to rent. Personally, with Fresno's crime rate, id b wary about cheap apartments. Good luck to u!