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  1. Hello,

    I heard that there lots of filipino nurses working in California. I'm here in Arizona and I'm new to USA and the only filipino in the OR. I feel so lonely at work that's why I'm thinking of moving to Cali. I'm doing some research.
    I have some friends' encouraging me to move to Cali.Any advice please....I'm looking for place where it is nurse friendly any recommendation. Thanks a lot.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Lotsa Filipino nurses here!! Not just in nursing, in all departments. Take your pick of where to move. I don't know about the inland hospitals, but all along the coast from San Francisco on down you will find lots of people from the Philippines.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Please check out the contract that you signed if you were petitioned, you may have a very large breech of contract fee to pay.

    There are also many Filipino nurses working OR in Arizona. Actually worked with quite a few of them when I was there.
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  6. by   mama smurf
    Hi marie88, come over the water to england in UK we have loads of nurses from all cultures who are well respected and loved by all british nurses, we have an especially large amount of nurses from your culture and they all tell me they love it here im sure you would too!!!
  7. by   newbiern2000
    hi.. im a Filipino RN and i'm also new here :-) i'd like to ask if it's true that the california BON would not give me my license even if i already passed nclex-rn, if i don't have an SSN #?? And is it also true that, i have to work/stay in California for at least 1 yr to get my SSN #??

    Also, i have a friend (an NCLEX-RN passer) who knows an employer said that he can give a temporary SSN # to my friend.. Is that in any way legal?
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  8. by   TazziRN
    I doubt there's such a thing as a temporary SSN, but you would have a better chance at getting answers if you post in the international forum.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Panorama City is an enclave in the Los Angeles area, and it has a large population of Filipino people. The surrounding hospitals in the San Fernando Valley are staffed with mostly Filipino nurses.
  10. by   QueenOfHearts_RN
    Go work at Seton Medical Center in Daly City, California. You'll love it there.
  11. by   newbiern2000
    thanks guys for replying.. will have to post it in international forum and try to research on the said hospitals.. thanks again..:wink2:
  12. by   S-Rank
    Im filipino work for Diagnostic Labs and starting my ADN at Antelope Valley College. And Ernie Reyes Jr. is the ****. He taught me well