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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   nurseypants328
    Hi Aaron,

    I totally agree with Stephanie. I was so disappointed when i first found out I got into Temecula. San Marcos was closer to where I wanted to be and would have provided an ideal living situation (i had a friend moving down that way) but dont give yourself too much grief, you chose what you chose, and in the end I bet you are happier then having to put up with crazy horrible teachers and a bad learning environment. Temecula wont be bad, I just didnt know what to expect! I think a lot of us had it made out to be the end of the world, even the people at CSUSM aknowledged that most people didnt want to be in Temecula but the more I talk to people on here and see that we are all on the same boat, the better i feel about it! Its only 2 years and we will all come away with a great experience and hopefully many great friends!

    We'll see ya at orientation!

  2. by   amybames
    Hey guys,

    Aaron, I agree with everyone else. Temecula will be great (positive thinking baby!) and in two years we'll be done! Things like this switcharoo decision of yours happen in life, and we never get a chance to know what it would have been like the other way around... so why worry about it

    Temecula may not be everyone's first choice, but we'll still get some great experience, it sounds like we'll have some pretty supportive staff, and we'll meet some really cool people. And in the end we'll have a BSN! Is anyone else freaking that we're going to be nurses in two years? In a good way of course, it seems like I've been working towards this forever!

    Sarah, I'll be sitting in the front row of orientation with you! As reality is setting in, I have so many questions! Also I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone. People from out of town, what hotels are you staying at? I'm just booking my trip now, so any advice would be helpful

  3. by   nurseypants328
    eeeep! im so excited! 2 years is gonna fly by! What are you all thinking of specializing in? What are your interests?

    So far im interested in labor and delivery, and the OR. I know we are going to be exposed to so many different areas of nursing, so im trying to keep an open mind. I know im not cut out for ER and Geriatrics... but i figure its good to know what you dont want to do... I was looking around on different nursing websites checking out salaries for nurses in different specialties. Im drooling yall! Of course its not alllllllllll about the money But hey, there is nothing wrong with loving what you do, and getting paid well for it!
  4. by   sandiegoaaron
    Ha, I like it. Positive thinking indeed. Thanks for the support, ladies. I'm feeling better and better about this.

    Sarah, I can tell you some things about the field ... other than the field ... for sure. I have a degree in Poli Sci, but sort of got it because I didn't know what else to head for. I never even considered nursing but then a friend said a friend was into it, so I checked it out. It met what I was trying to get out of life - freedom (3 day work weeks to pursue other hobbies and aspects of life, traveling nurse, employment freedom); the finances to afford that stuff, family, house, etc.; and feeling like I've done something worthwhile at the end of the day. In any case, you probably know all of this stuff, but I hear you, the fringe stuff is pretty cool to go along with righteous work. ... Am I sounding too dudish?

    Amy, did I read earlier you're coming in from San Fran? I'm jealous, I love San Fran! But sorry, to your question - unfortunately I can't help on the hotel scene in Temecula, I really don't know the area myself. Shoot, I don't know San Diego that well and I've been here for 10 years - ha.

    And Steph, thanks to you too. I think we're gonna be just fine. Nite all.
  5. by   sandiegoaaron
    Amy, this link - http://www.temecula.org/relocation.html - is from the "Congratulations, you've been accepted!" email we all received from SM. The Relocation Links is under the Community setting. I was thinking maybe you could call one or two ... or ten ... of the Rental numbers and hopefully talk with some helpful people who could direct you to a hotel for a quick stay. They should know the area and maybe you'll even get a lead on who and where to rent an apartment from for the longer stay. Just an idea. Talk soon. Aaron
  6. by   EggsMom
    Hi Sarahbee -

    Even though there are only a few miles between the old and new Temecula sites, the four or so miles is full of red lights, shopping centers, and serious congestion during peak hours. I called them this morning about something else and asked about when they would move but they said they have no set date at this time. The newspaper said by August 2010. They are renovating the elementary school and adding parking to the tune of $2M so that will take time. Apparently their lease is almost up at the business park they are in right now. I happen to like the area they are moving to (the Redhawk area in southern Temecula) so it will be a good thing.

    Temecula is a nice place, and has a great farmer's market on Saturdays. Are most people here single or with families? The families may enjoy Temec more but singles will have lots of options in their downtime.

    I am eager for orientation, if only to get our schedule for the spring. I feel for anyone who has prereqs still to complete!

    And Aaron - no, you are not crazy for doing SM instead. NU is a lot of money. Yikes, $1850 just for the orientation?

  7. by   amybames
    Hi all,

    Trying to make it to 15 posts so hold on...
  8. by   amybames
    OK... Ya 15 posts! I can Private Message now! *Just a note to anyone who's new and doesn't read terms of agreement very well (like ME)... don't post your email address or you'll get busted!* Although it was a very nice "busting" I admit.

    Is anyone else in school right now? I'm taking four classes, including the biggies: Anatomy and Physiology. Since I've been accepted into nursing school, it's SO hard to stay focused in my classes! I know I only have to pass them, and I would much rather spend my last month up north, spending time with friends and family, and not studying for finals! Luckily I've been working really hard and have a little room to slack... but I slacked a little TOO much my first time around at UCSB (and I'm definitely making up for it now!) I know I should never take a good grade for granted.

    Case in point: I have an exam tomorrow morning and I should be studying... but I think I'm going to look at more houses to rent in Temecula until "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" comes on. The good news is that it's an open-book test

    And here's another thing: I've been so excited about going to orientation, that I failed to realize (until this afternoon) that I have a FINAL on the 10th! oops, luckily I'll be able to take the final early.

    Boy, with my mind in a million places, these finals are gonna be a shoot-out!

    That's my nightly rant. Thanks
  9. by   db44
    Hey Amy,

    I can relate to you on the school aspect. I am currently in school also, although I have nowhere near the courseload that you have. I am just taking the sociology class that is required for San Marcos and an EMT class. I was taking the EMT class just in case something didnt go too well with San Marcos, since I got my letter so "late" (it seemed to me that I wasnt getting in). It turns out that I have a test on the day of the orientation, but luckily i live here in San Diego, although it will be on the complete other side of the county. At least its not till 530. I feel ya on the second go around. UCI was my school and I had a little too much fun myself and well, yeah... but anyways, I know Im doing better this time.

    Orientation is getting close and closer every day. Hope to see everyone there
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  10. by   Snwbdr
    I've met a few students who graduates from National's program on the floor....they all said it was VERY VERY tough and cutthroat over there....their attrition rate is horrible because people either can't take the courseload or the extra added stress....I'm glad to say that nobody has failed out of CSUSM's generic program....I don't know the statistics for the ABSN program so I'm not sure.....For the most part, the instructors are AWESOME and they're totally there for you for anything. They're very supportive with any problems you might have.

    As for the Temecula Hotel scene....there's a bunch of places on Jefferson Drive which is somewhat near the school....plus it's right off the freeway....it varies from the cheap motel 6/best western to Hampton Inn and the marriot suites thing....
  11. by   sandiegoaaron
    Amy, I feel your pain and that is a pickle. I've been in your boat, for sure. For me it's been a matter of being distracted (like you are now) or just so tired of studying that I have trouble taking it anymore. But, you sound like a smarty-pants, so I'm sure you won't have a problem in taking care of business.

    So check this out, y'all! Yesterday (Friday) was orientation for National U. As of late Wednesday I was still on the fence as to choosing SM or National. The reason for National was mostly for proximity and not having to go through the hassle of a likely move on down the road. Anyway, Wednesday I called about seven hospitals and left messages with their nursing recruiters and asked, which do you prefer, National or SM students? ... have you heard anything about the teaching methods? ... etc. A couple called back with little news, but then late in the day, Doug, from a children's hospital (Rady's, I think) was very cool and asked me if he could read me a few numbers. Yes, of course! He read me the NCLEX results of National students for the past three years. Something like ... 74%, 71%, and 75%. He then said that SM only has one year listed since they're a newer school, but their students passed the NCLEX at a 95% rate. That's when I knew for sure what my choice would be. The next day on Thursday I wrote a "thanks, but no thanks" email to National. I drove in to work, parked, and my phone rang. It was ... shoot, I'm forgetting her name ... from UCSD Hospital saying she was calling me back about my questions. I told her, thanks, but I just made my final decision that morning. Her response ... "What did you do!!" "I picked SM.", I told her. "Phew!" She told me they hire National students because they have BSN's, but they're not trained in ... sorry, forgetting that too ... and inevitably "we have to let most of them go within a year." She said I made the right choice ... whew.

    I feel bad for any National students, but thought you guys might want to know about this confirmation about your decision too Though as Snwbdr alluded to, I'm not sure if the 95% is from a generic nursing class or from our ABSN. Doesn't matter. I'm very comfortable with the SM decision and looking forward to having a good chance at success.

    Hey, db44, not sure where you live here in San Diego, but are you planning on staying, or were you thinking of moving a little closer to Temecula? I'll probably stick around here in SD for the first semester, but perhaps move up closer after. Maybe we could carpool if you're sticking around. Where do you live? I live in OB. I'm sure there will be others too from SD we'll meet at orientation.

    OK, all, hope you're having a nice Saturday. Peace.

  12. by   Snwbdr
    In terms of NCLEX pass rates, those are the pass rates for all students (they don't differentiate between generic/ABSN) who passed on the first try....from what I've been told, everyone who had to re-take the NCLEX has passed.....

    The few people I've run into from the National program did not seem all that together....two of them were working at Palomar Medical Center as CCE's while they wait for new grad programs....When I was there for my clinicals, it seemed like they lacked basic clinical skills....anything beyond CNA stuff....maybe it was just them, maybe I misperceived their abilities, or maybe that's how National trains their students...I dunno.....all I know is that since we have grads in the workforce now, our school's reputation is greatly improving, especially after seeing how well-prepared we are after leaving school.

    Aaron-My buddy lives in OB....what's the name of that burger joint on the main strip? is it Hodad's or something like that? I've been trying to remember the name but it's killing me
  13. by   db44
    Quote from sandiegoaaron

    Hey, db44, not sure where you live here in San Diego, but are you planning on staying, or were you thinking of moving a little closer to Temecula? I'll probably stick around here in SD for the first semester, but perhaps move up closer after. Maybe we could carpool if you're sticking around. Where do you live? I live in OB. I'm sure there will be others too from SD we'll meet at orientation.

    Hey Aaron,

    I am actually admitted into the San Marcos main campus site. I live in the South Bay part of San Diego (Chula Vista to be exact). I dont know yet if im gonna be moving up for the first semester. It all depends on the three or four classes we have to take the first semester there. If the course load isnt that bad and/or its only like twice a week (which I doubt) ill probably endure the drive there. Its a 45 minute drive to San Marcos for me, if there is little to no traffic. If not, im gonna be looking for a place to live up there in north county.