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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   nurseypants328
    Hey all,

    So for all of you temecula peeps who are looking for a place... if you guys wanted to maybe email me or PM me, we can start figuring out what everyone's schedule is (especially those from out of town). Im a planner i cant help it! I kinda dont know what to expect in terms of what we want to accomplish after orientation, but ive been looking at apartments and houses in the temecula area, and im optimistic. Guess it just depends on how many people want to live together. It would give us all an opportunity to email back and forth a bit and get to know eachother before orientation! I know a couple of people have said this, and im sure it will work out fine, but its kinda weird meeting a bunch of people for the first time and being like "hey, wanna live together?" hehe.
  2. by   jimmy83
    Yes, I agree, i've though about it too, it is weird to jsut see people and say hey want to live together, but in all honesty, it makes sense, we will be attending the same classes, doing the same things, and all out of towners...plus we are all trying to save on rent too...it just make sense...anyways, i am totally not a planner, i'm one of htose guys that tags along...so in this case..i am jsut doing what i do best..haha i'm in although i havne't reached the mandatory 15 posts yet to give you my email or aim...
  3. by   jimmy83
    apparently i jsut need three more
  4. by   jimmy83
    now two...
  5. by   jimmy83
    now one...yipee!!
  6. by   nurseypants328
    i hear ya jimmy, that is the thing that makes me think it will all work out fine just because we are all in classes and stuff, we are legit 2nd bachelors students, so its not like we are a bunch of 18 year olds living together, although i anticipate tons of fun! no worries on not being a big planner, not many guys are
    in all seriousness, its just one of those outlying concerns you have and figure everyone else has it as well. our crew is gonna be going through some crazy stuff together for 2 years, so im sure we will all be pretty close no matter what the living situation!
  7. by   jimmy83
    Sarah, You've got a PM
  8. by   amybames
    Aaron- you made my day! Thanks for calling me a smarty pants You know we're a bunch of nerds if that's a compliment

    Db44- here's to second chances! Or in my case finally making the right choice. We're gonna rock it this time around! Good luck at the San Marcos campus (boo!).

    Jimmy and Sarah, I'm sure we keep repeating ourselves (but hey, we don't have much else to discuss until we learn more about this program!) but I think that it will be so great to live with classmates! I was getting anxious for a while about jumping into a house with people I don't know, but that's pretty much what I did my first year of college right? Plus with some of these houses I'm seeing... with a pool and five rooms... we can run away and hide from each other if needed. But I'm sure it won't be necessary

    I think I'm just going to pick the cheapest hotel on Jefferson (thanks for the tip Snwbdr), if anyone else is staying around there and wants to meet up for coffee before orientation... I'm game!

    SO, are we thinking lunch after orientation? I'm in.

    Also, do we know how many people are in this program?
  9. by   kmihlhau
    Hi everyone My name is Kristine and I was also accepted to the Temecula cohort! I have been doing some research on housing in Temecula and fortunately finding many 2-4 bedrooms for rent. It would be great to live with fellow nursing students so we can study together and be on the same page. I am a 22 year old female and I hope to meet someone or numerous people at orientation who would want to live with me!! (Perhaps we could go look at a place together). I'm going down to Temecula the day before orientation to look for something promising- See you all in December. Yay for RN's

    P.S. How funny is it that we are attending Cal State San Marcos at Temecula at the Paul Goldring Institute for Higher Learning (Possibly longest college name ever...we have to make T-shirts )
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  10. by   nurseypants328
    Hi Kristine!! Congrats on getting into Temecula!! There are suppose to be a bunch of us going to look at places after orientation. I think the plan is to get some lunch too, come with us! From what ive seen there are plenty of 3 and 4 br places available, so im sure between all of us we will work out a great situation for everyone. Look forward to meeting you!

  11. by   jimmy83
    lunch after and house/apt hunting after orientation is what i have in mind so far...im still game to go look the day before...just let me know =)
  12. by   gween
    Hey everyone!

    Im from San Jose, and I'm planning on flying there for the orientation. From what I've researched, the San Diego airport is the closest airport. Can anyone confirm that? Eeks, and it's about 1hr away from the campus. I'm planning on flying to the area the day before, and checking out the Temecula area. I haven't booked my tickets yet, but I'm not sure how long I'll be staying the day of the orientation, but I hope to be able to have lunch with you all!
  13. by   nurseypants328
    Hi gween

    i live about 10 mins north of ontario airport and it takes me 45mins to an hour to get to temecula. San Diego will take you just as long. I know that doesnt really HELP persay but at least you know temecula is kinda a mid way point between the two. Look forward to meeting you and i hope you can come to lunch with us!

    p.s. what part of san jose are you from? i used to live up there