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  1. Hi ! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about West Coast university in Los Angeles. I know it's an LVN-ADN program. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about this school. I'm thinking of going here, but don't know anyone who's gone there. Any comments would be appriated.
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  3. by   carol72
    I heard it is very expensive........Sorry, that is all I have.
  4. by   nurse2bmom
    I spoke to someone up there. The cost is $60,000.00. It is an 18 mo. ADN program. They are approved by BON. They are nationally accredited, so, your credits would most likely not transfer to a state university for further ed. But, University of Phoenix will take them. The first 9 mos are 2-3 days a week (not necessarily full days). The second is 4 days a week (classes and clinicals) with heavy emphasis on NCLEX at the end. The classes go in 10 week terms (2 terms per semester). You will get a schedule of when your classes will go prior to the next 10 week term. You do not get to pick. Your classes could be morning, afternoon or evening and any combination thereof. From what they told me when I talked to them, the NCLEX pass rate was at 100% (of the people who had taken it so far). It hadn't been posted yet on the BON website yet as the first class to test graduated in Jan. Classes start every 10 weeks. All pre-req's are included. It sounds like a pretty intense course...after all it is accelerated. I am very interested in going being that I took my LVN through a vocational school and do not have any pre-req's completed. It's the cost and the time I would need to put into it that has me scared. I've also heard they will be opening a campus in Orange County soon.
  5. by   nurse2bmom
    I do not however, know anyone who has been there..I keep hoping someone will post on here with some testimonials, but, no luck yet.
  6. by   jmendo
    hi I was thinking about going to west coast university for the LVN to RN program and wondering what other requirements are needed to get into the program besides an LVN license? thank you
  7. by   KarmaRene
    hello, there arent any other requirements necessary for wcu. just need to have an lvn license in hand before they go past an informational session with you. the price has gone up from 60,000 to somewhere between 63-65,000. was interesting in going there myself. thats the price if you have no pre-reqs. the price decreases the more pre-reqs you have.