College of the Canyons Nursing Program Spring 2012 - page 6

Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread for COC RN Program for Spring 2012...Anyone who has applied for the upcoming semester, please feel free to join in. Stats: This is my first time applying... Read More

  1. by   nurseoftheworld
    I got into the program as well! Yippeeee! I wish the other schools would hurry up and send their acceptance/rejection letters already...that way I will know for sure where I will be next Fall. At any rate, at least there's COC. I know for lots of people, they end up without even one option. Congratulations, everyone! See you at orientation!!
  2. by   nurseoftheworld
    BTW, Fall 2012 people...another thread has been started for our class by another lucky student! Look up "COC Fall 2012." That way, we can have our own place and not be here with all the fine people from last Spring.
  3. by   Jcal84
    I applied to COC for Spring 2013 and just got invited to take the Teas Test. Does this mean that if I pass I am in? I am so confused! Does everybody get invited to take the test?
  4. by   mickey48
    I'm moving to California from Illinois and was thinking if I could apply to mostly all the schools around LA I would possible get in. I recently found out LA community college only accept the first attempt teas results, I didn't do good at all on the first try. I'm done with all prerequisites and got a higher score on the test but they only want the first try then take some class to try again then be considered to the program does this mean I have to take those class for all LA community colleges.