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mbragasin's Latest Activity

  1. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    Wow! Let us know how it goes! I don't start until next week:/
  2. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    Hi! I went yesterday to get my badge and I also went to the nursing department to see if they can explain the schedule better for me because I am so confused! Lol but they said to email our instructor so I plan to do that today. Have you gone on blackboard? We have so much to do! Lol
  3. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    @workingstudent2011- that's awesome! Have you gotten all your books and supplies yet? I'm having trouble figuring out our schedule, do you know more about it? I'm thinking of going to school next week to ask someone from the nursing department. Also do we start on the 27th?
  4. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    Does anyone have clinicals tw at holy cross with ***** ******? That's the group I got chosen in!!
  5. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    Has everyone already turned in everything for the program? It was a pain getting all that stuff especially my medical records but thank god it over with!:) I was thinking of getting a head start in studying for first semester over the summer and I know the material that will be covered because my friend started this spring and told me what is covered in first semester. If anyone is interested let me know
  6. mbragasin

    COC Fall 2012

    @kmadrid were you the one I met today at the fire class?:)
  7. mbragasin

    College of the Canyons Nursing Program Spring 2012

    I also just got accepted for fall 2012! Congrats ladies!!
  8. mbragasin

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    I just got my acceptance letter to take the TEAS V test and I was so excited but after reading up on posts and how competitive it is and how its based on points, i'm a bit discouraged but hoping for the best! I take the test on Oct. &

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