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When I saw that Torrence Memorial had closed their applications to their New Grad program starting in March 2011 I realized we needed a new grad 2011 thread! The 2010 thread was a great place to ask... Read More

  1. by   skyapple
    many thx -- will apply tomomrw for Hospice. Apprecite the advise.
  2. by   tonik3264
    hospice is a good idea, thanks. i'll check out hospice services in the bay area.
  3. by   ChineseLantern
    Ok you guys, kind of bad news: Just called Mission Hospital in the OC. They were on my list of residency programs that I was really interested in. Unfortunately, the woman I spoke with said that they had so many internal candidates for the program that they won't be posting it for the public. I'm a little bummed, but just thought I'd share in case some of you were also waiting for the program to open. Oh well...we will just have to think positive and pursue every other opportunity!
  4. by   tonik3264
    that's what we see in boston. even if there isn't a residency program, i know many nursing students/nurse assistants who are passing their boards and staying on at the hospital where they've worked for a couple of years, working below their licenses, just waiting for a spot to open up. internal candidates are backlogged, so external candidates have little chance -- this is at the big name hospitals, less so in the lower tiered ones.
  5. by   SunSurfRN
    Quote from persistancepays
    You might want to check Sharp Healthcare. I think in San Diego they are starting another new grad program and will be accepting app. Oct 11th to 17th or somewhere in that timeframe.
    Good Luck
    I heard the numbers in program....the odds are about the same as a scratch ticket lol.
  6. by   NurseRR
    Hi JKRN1717,

    Can you please share with us the things you did to get in to this program? Thanks.
  7. by   JKRN1717
    hi nurserr,

    so when i applied to sharp last july, i completed the online application and answered the supplemental questions as best i could. really take the time to think your answers through and give plenty of examples and details. also, i made sure my resume and cover letter were up to date and accurate, with all clinicals including places i did my clinicals and hours per clinical, volunteer experience and externship. make sure your cover letter expresses your desire to work for the hospital and use their words or key terms (i.e. list their qualities, core values, mission statement, and state these are qualities and goals you also embody and demonstrate). finally, i prepared like heck for my phone interview and to make sure i would rock it! i made sure when i had my phone interview i was alone and would be uninterrupted. i had my supplemental application and resume sitting in front of me in case i needed to refer to it but i made sure to practice practice practice to be prepared! ) if you get a face to face, make sure you have three letters of references, 2 from clinical instructors and one from your externship. make a little portfolio including resumes, cover letters, evaluations, etc and make plenty of copies for anyone in the interview. finally, i wouldn't have thought to do this but my new grad manager mentioned that when she was doing her last round of new grad interviews with the cohort after mine, it wouldn't have been nice for candidates to attach a photo so she could remember who they were later. some people say no photo but that's just what she mentioned. good luck! ) oh and one more thing, always send personal thank you cards!!! i sent one to the hr recruiter after my phone interview which she mentioned she loved when she called me back for my face to face interview and then send thank you cards to each person interviewing you. make sure to add a personal note about something your remember from each interviewer so you don't look so generic and they see you were really paying attention and are interested!
  8. by   JPA_RN
    Hi JKRN1717,

    I just read this post to NurseRR and wanted to thank you for sharing. I'm finding it very helpful for myself as well. I recently received a call from the recruiter for this summer's new grad program and I was wondering if you happen to remember what kind of questions they asked you for the phone interview? I've been practicing all week and want to be fully prepared so any tips would help. Thanks in advance!
  9. by   PaulHagerty
    I second JPA_RN's sentiments in saying that a post like nurserr's is very helpful. There isn't a lot of incentive for those you have had success to come back and post after getting in. Explaining it in that level of detail is great. Thank you!
  10. by   RN_518
    I just wanted to know. I had applied for a position with UCSD and my job status says, "referred to hiring department 5/30". today is 6/10/13 and I have heard nothing. Should I follow up with HR regarding the availability of the position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. =)