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Greetings. This is my story- I graduated from Nursing School in May 2008 (ADN) and passed my boards in October 2008. I live north of San Fran and have yet to find a New Grad Program. I've been... Read More

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    I would LOVE a copy of this list as well! Please!
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    HireMe or anyone can i please have the list too. Thanks
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    Guys now i can PM anyone with the list please PM me. I really need it.
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    hey Faith
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    For those that did a Capstone/Senior practicum in Oncology/BMT, UC Davis has another posting:

    Job Title: Final Filing Date: New Grad / CN II Oncology/BMT 09/04/2009 Location: Main Hospital Hourly Reference: Salary Ranges: 025657 40.450000 53.360000 If unable to view Pos. Description, hold down ctrl-key while clicking on the View Description button Shifts Med/Surg Oncology/BMT
    Number of Positions: 3
    Percentage of Time: (2) 90% & (1) 75%
    Hours: 7p-7a
    Wage: New Grad/Interim Permittee $35.97/hr
    Wage: New Grad/Clinical Nurse I $38.53/hr
    Wage: RN min. six mo. paid experience: $40.45 - $53.36/hr. Union Information Interim Permittee classification is not represented by a union.
    New Graduate RN/CN II classification is represented by a union. Division Descriptions The Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) is a 35 bed unit with 27 acute care beds and 8 step down beds providing comprehensive care to patients who have been diagnosed with a malignancy. The surgical services are Gynecology, Urology and Surgical Oncology. The Hematology Oncology Service treats hematological disorders and patients whose malignancy may be treated with chemotherapy, radiation alone, or in combination. The BMT service treats pediatric and adult oncologic disorders with high dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Minimum Requirements May fill as either New Grad RN or experienced RN with at least six months paid experience in a similar setting.

    New Grad: Must have 5th semester preceptorship in similar setting (Oncology/BMT ) preferred. Oncology/BMT Nursing experience at Level I Trauma Center preferred. BSN Preferred. Student rotations/preceptorship (include total hours of preceptorship) must be documented on resume or application in order to be considered for interview.

    Preference will be given to current UCD / UCDHS employees and current UCD / UCDHS layoff candidates Responsibilities Positions to provide all of the range of responsibilities and duties allowed by the Nurse Practice Act; provides direct patient care to adult and pediatric patients using nursing process and is accountable for own practice. Participates in patient and staff education, demonstrates leadership skills. Requirements Graduation from an accredited school of nursing with California RN/IP license. Ability to work overtime, float to other areas and work weekends. Passing of Performance Demonstration, Policy review and Medication Exam. CPR Certification. Special Requirements Ability to work overtime, float to other areas and work weekends and holidays. Ability to read, write, speak, and understand English language and utilize medical terminology appropriately. Continued ability to meet Clinical Nurse II job performance criteria. Ability to set priorities and organize work. Judgment skills to make independent clinical decisions in patient care matters. Skill to work accurately and quickly under pressure. Knowledge of medications, indications, dosage ranges, side effects, and potential toxicity. Ability to safely lift 25 lbs. and assist in moving patients, and stand on feet over extended periods. Ability to teach clinical skills. Knowledge of legal implications for clinical practice. Knowledge of performance improvement and research process. "This position is subject to a criminal background investigation."
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    Can someone please e-mail me this list. I would most appreciative.
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    Hello everyone,
    I saw a link someone posted which had posts from different people sharing how they got their first job and how they got it, whether they knew someone who helped them or if they had prior experience e.t.c and it had really good posts and i cant seem to find it does anyone know what i'm talking about and how i can get into the thread. I have an interview in 2 days and i really need help with this coz i saw few tips there on how to answer some questions. Thanks
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    i'm so frustrated. i've applied to so many and yet no response. i'm thinking on taking on a more aggressive approach and just going to the hospital and giving the recruiter/manager a 5 minute presentation on why they should hire me. has anyone tried that?
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    Just a suggestion someone shared with me (if anyone hasn't tried it yet): one place to look up hospitals in cailfornia is on wikipedia:

    I would google the hospitals to see if they have a website. If so, I would call HR then ask if they are hiring new grads.

    So far, I've just been getting the same thing from a bunch of hospitals: "Try calling at the end of the year.." or "No, we're not hiring new grads" but some are hiring, so just check. So far I've contacted over 50 hospitals and counting (I've been keeping a list and writing down info that each of them tell me, even if they aren't hiring just to keep track).

    Godspeed, NGs! We'll get there, it's just a matter of when....
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    SheliaORN... i think you are looking for the thread CALLING--Those who have jobs- We need you!
    to view that go to Students, Graduate Nurse Forum and you should see that thread there.
    Good Luck with the interview!
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    Thanks for posting all the details on the UC Davis positions!
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