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  1. ei! is it really hard to get into csulb's nursing program? are chances really slim??i am aware that they have these BASIC and TRIMESTER programs. their difference is that basic takes longer than trimester because it takes 3 years rather than trimester which only takes 2 years. and i am aware that they chose their students by a lottery system!! isn't it kinda unfair if for example, i got good grades from a community college and decided to enter the trimester program and yet my name was not drawn to enter the trimester program??? instead, i was placed at the basic program.. ohhh!!!! dunno!! i dont wanna take chances!!!! i dont!!!!

    do we really still need to take the TEAS test before enrolling at csulb?? does csulb offer neat financial aid? coz we have low income yet i have big dreams of entering a university. i am sooo clueless.. yet, i wanna enter such university... help me.. your responses would really be much of a great help.
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    I moved your post to the California Forum where it's likely to get the most responses. Good luck to you!
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    Oh man I hope you get into this program so I can see you in person. You sound like a real character!

    The TEAS is required for all CSUs I believe. The lottery system has to be implemented because every semester the demand for trimester seats is outweighed by the number of seats available, so cross your fingers and hope you get a trimester seat. And yes you definitely need good grades to get in. I think CSULB is the toughest program in get into in this area. Good luck!
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    Its so hard to get into because its one of the only ones that gives BSN's without an ADN in RN.
    Im looking to go there too because itll shave a year off of my education. Your best bet is to apply there but apply elsewhere just in case. If I have to go to my com. college instead I'll be fine with that as long as Im learning somewhere.
  6. by   v1cky84
    It is definitely hard to get into CSULB. You have to have good grades to get in. In regards to trimester and basic program, they only do lottery. In a way, it is fair because more students are interested in getting into the trimester than the basic program.
    When I first got into the program, they put me into the basic program through the lottery. I must admit that I was quite disappointed. However, towards the end of the 1st semester, someone in the trimester program dropped and they offered this spot to basic nursing students. Luckily, I was the one picked to replace the student who dropped.
    I know it sucks if you get placed into the basic program. But I just wanted to say that even if you get placed into the basic program, there's always hope. Good luck.