Any SJVC students out there?

  1. I take the TEAS test in a week, and I'm a little stressed about it. I really want to get into this program. Any advice would be great!
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  3. by   Kristy Cash
    I know. I can't seem to find any of them either. I am planning on applying to SJVC in Visalia for the RN program and can't seem to find anyone that has gone thru that school. Kinda scary...since it costs 58k to go.
  4. by   NurseJKV
    Hello! I just applied to the the RN program at SJVC but I have a coworker that did go through this RN program and currently working as an RN at my work. She also knows two other people that have been through the same program and just graduating.
  5. by   Brittnicole2011
    Hello! I applied to the program and have just found out that i was selected for an interview! Have you applied?
  6. by   vperaza
    Hi Brittnicole2011 I have my interview this Wednesday. Let me know how yours goes.
  7. by   vperaza
    I got accepted!
  8. by   5ofakind
    Hello vperaza, I am also interested in attending the SJVC RN program in Visalia. If you could can you give me an overview of the program? What steps I need to take to gain acceptance, what was asked during your interview... as well as information on class schedule days and times and where clinicals are held? I have so many questions and there are not to many post in regards to SJVC. I plan on doing the Rn program and then trasferring to an online BSN program. Is the RN degree from SJVC transferable to a BSN program?
  9. by   lusine_p
    I recently applied to the RN program at SJVC and was called for an interview last week.
    You need to write one page personal statement and then they call you for an interview. I am very pleased with the ladies who conducted the interview. I don't have my results yet but I hope I can get into the program. Good luck to everyone.
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  10. by   Vivi__p
    Were you accepted into the program? If so, how was the experience for you?