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  1. Hi everyone, I summited my application last month (May 2024) for the next cohort that will take place in August. My GPA is 3.5 and my TEAS is 66% (Not high enough) . I'm really nervous and not sure if these scores are strong enough to get in. Share y...
  2. I recently got a call for my interview and I am really excited and also nervous. Any pointers on how to prep for an RN interview?
  3. SJVC Ontario 2022

    Hi! Has anyone else applied to SJVC’s Ontario location for the April 2022 RN program? I’ve completed the TEAS, financial aid and interview. Just waiting on the decision(: I hope they accept me, the anticipation is killing me. ?
  4. SJVC Spring 2023 RN

    Hi starting this thread since I didn't see anyone create one for this semester. Has anybody had their interviews yet?
  5. Tiffany Stamback

    SJVC Bridge Program 2024

    Has anyone applied for the SJVC 2024 program ? Have you heard if you have gotten in yet. I have been waiting
  6. San Joaquin Valley College

    Hi has anyone heard of this RN nursing school or have any insight. They seem to be accredited in the state of CA
  7. SJVC Visalia

    Hello nurses. I was wondering if anyone has information they can share about their experience at SJVC Visalia. Is it true that it’s 12 months? Do you have to have prerequisites before applying? How much was it? Did you like it? How many days a week ...
  8. Any SJVC students out there?

    I take the TEAS test in a week, and I'm a little stressed about it. I really want to get into this program. Any advice would be great!
  9. SJVC visalia for 20/21

    Hey guys. so second year starting apps. I applied at SJVC and will be doing Fresno city as well. I didn't get in last year 😞 but I just had my interview and they told me the end of this month or first week of Feb we will know if we got in!! I feel li...
  10. SJVC LVN to RN Spring 2022

    Hey there everyone! I'm an LVN applying for the LVN to RN bridge program in Visalia. I have my RN ATI Fundamentals test scheduled for September 3 2021. I'm nervous yet excited! Anyone else applying? I asked admissions how many people apply. Typically...
  11. Past or Current Students from SJVC??

    Past or Current Students from SJVC?? by minnierocker Looking for students that have either been in the LVN program or the RN program at SJVC. I need to know how intense the program is. I am looking at applying for the next semester was thinking abou...
  12. San Joaquin Valley College?

    Anyone have any expererience with or know anything about this school? I've posted about my situation on here before but to recap long story short I recently applied to my local community college's programs (4 programs) with an unfortunate 3.2 gen ed...
  13. Hi All, Anyone else apply for the SJVC program that starts April 2022? I applied, and had my interview a few days ago. Still waiting on the financial aid call, when I followed up they stated they were running behind on calling applicants. They w...