SJVC Bridge Program 2024

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Has anyone applied for the SJVC 2024 program ? Have you heard if you have gotten in yet. I have been waiting 

Applied for LVN-RN bridge, waiting... nothing yet! 

I'm constantly looking at my phone . Talk with -------------------- on Thursday and she said they were deciding on Friday morning but who knows . It seems it a theme with them to be running late on things . 

@cayala have you heard anything yet ? 

@cayala just heard from -------------------- and she just got the list and will be making calls and do emails . It will be sometime this week . She doesn't know exactly when though . 

@Tiffany Stamback 10/31 1144 received a call and was offered a seat!??

@cayalathat's awesome . Do you know if they still calling or when they started calling ? Congratulations! 

@Tiffany Stamback I'm not sure. If they are going alphabetical order down any list, my last name starts with an A.  

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