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  1. by   dijaqrn
    I live in the Antelope Valley and have never heard anything bad about the Antelope Valley College nursing program. I have heard that it is tough and I know they have jobs waiting when they're done. Friends that have gone there didn't have long waits but did need a good GPA. No C's in sciences at all....
    Good luck.
  2. by   Neveranurseagain
    If you are looking at Palmdale/Lancaster consider Tehachapi, CA. It is a rural community in the mountians about an hr away and is the process of building a new hospital. The cost of living is low, as well as the crime rate. Look up for a look at the area.
  3. by   dijaqrn
    Tehachapi is beautiful, my in laws have a nice home there however the cost of living is NOT low, K-Mart is their only department store, and most people go to Lancaster or Bakersfield for their medical care. There is a prison in Tehachapi, I have an xray tech friend who works at the current hospital once in awhile. Great place for retirees and the back to nature folks. Not so great employment wise, even if you don't mind drives of an hour or two each way, they're often snowed in in the winter. Houses are still less expensive, food and utilities not so much!
  4. by   S-Rank
    hey dijaqrn about how long was the wait time for admission. and do you think they will accept transfers from devry because i graduated from there in 2004. i need to take science classes for sure still. i only have english math and psych. under my belt
  5. by   valfromcal
    Don't work at AVH!!! bad time there as a student. Heard a lot of complaining by nurses
  6. by   S-Rank
    RNVAL how bad is it to work at AVH at night? I want to find a place in palmdale I hope I wont get killed out there in Antelope Valley
  7. by   dijaqrn
    The current wait time is less than a year for AVC if your prereqs are done. The dean is great but it's a tough program.. The west side of Palmdale isn't bad at all. AVH has a new CEO who wants to focus on customer service. The nurses are now unionized, making better salaries and seem happier. The ER is insane, 2nd busiest in the state. 420 bed hospital now, so desperate for nurses they SENT recruiters to the Phillipines!!!!!!!!!!