Anaheim memorial

  1. Can anyone here tell me anything about Anaheim Memorial? Does it have a good or bad reputation? And is Aneheim a nice, safe area for a family? Thanks
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  3. by   teeituptom
    I really enjoyed working at Anaheim Memorial, of course that was a few decades ago, Literally. Like back in the early and mid 70s
  4. by   bro77w
    They got alot of traveler's.
  5. by   Bongsau
    Im interviewing with them in a few days. Im an Australian nurse. Any other opinions about the hospital????????????????????????????????????
  6. by   Bongsau
  7. by   fishchick72
    Don't know anything about the hospital itself, but Anaheim is a very large city, some parts are very nice, some are very bad, & a lot is in between.
  8. by   rizza
    My dad had a angiogram there and the medical staff was very warm and welcoming. They are one of the best cardiovascular hospitals around.
  9. by   teeituptom
    And Anaheim Municipal Golf course is very nice.
  10. by   travelcrazyRN
    From what I know the area has been declining the past few years. It's a big place, but this is from my friend that has lived there for a long time. It's also the location of Disneyland so I'm sure there is a lot of tourist-like stuff around.
  11. by   bisaya
    How much is the rate per hour for nelwy grads on this hospital?
  12. by   bisaya
    Any idea how much is the hourly rate on this hospital? Please, I have a job offer and I need to know some figures. Thanks