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  1. travelcrazyRN

    Terrible day at clinicals

    You are not being a baby. We have all had the frozen/awkward/uncomfortable/ready to say I quit moments during clinical. I think you are doing well in that you realized your mistakes and will know to handle the situation next time. Don't be afraid o...
  2. travelcrazyRN

    Study material -

    I'm half way through my FNP program and will graduate August 2015. I would like to buy study material for the certification but would like to buy previous years material to save money. Besides JNC 8, does much change from 2013 to now? Also, doe...
  3. travelcrazyRN

    Orientation schedule

    How long should an orientation be for a skilled RN with many years of floor nurse experience who is now starting a hospital based- CM position? I have no previous CM skills. Answers are greatly appreciated.
  4. travelcrazyRN

    Orientation for new case manager

    Yes it is. I haven't started yet, but was quoted 6 weeks.
  5. travelcrazyRN

    NS through peg?

    I have heard of the NS order before. 300ml isn't unreasonable but it is the largest bolus I have seen. Per a MD from a few years ago--One of the reasons to use peg flushes (whether NS or good ole tap water) instead of maintenance IVF is that th...
  6. travelcrazyRN

    Long shifts---how long is too long?

    I think anything over 12 is pushing it, and over 16 is dangerous. I've done several 16-17's over my career. I'm fine doing 12's, I still have energy when I get off of work. Some hospitals limit the number of days in a row. For 12 hour shifts...
  7. travelcrazyRN

    GN in Level 1 Trauma

    1. expect to use EVERY skill your learned in nursing school (from every unit and specialty), and from the experience of being a PCT. Don't expect to know and see it it all immediately (or even within the first year). Questions are good, and don't be ...
  8. travelcrazyRN

    Conscious Sedation in the ER

    We use a lot of etomidate for concious sedation, and also for intubation.
  9. travelcrazyRN

    How do you like Centennial Hills Hospital?

    update on new grads------I asked another nurse who works there and she said they have only hired two new grads since it opened.
  10. travelcrazyRN

    How do you like Centennial Hills Hospital?

    some days they call off people, and a sometimes they are holding pts in the ER, and they are seeing record number of people in the ER...The hospital over all is busier than expected (it has been open for one year + one week). The neonatal ICU just o...
  11. travelcrazyRN

    How do you like Centennial Hills Hospital?

    I dont know if it will help but Centennial Hills is parented by Valley Health Systems which owns 4 other hospitals in the Valley...check out some of those. Good luck to you. Just a word of caution---Vegas is being hit HARD by unemployment and layof...
  12. travelcrazyRN

    How do you like Centennial Hills Hospital?

    I do not know if they are nurse grad friendly. I do know they have hired new grads in the past. I don't work on the floor so I can't speak for them but I love my dept, and I honestly think we are one of the best hospitals in the valley (the polls are...
  13. travelcrazyRN

    Hey Texans!!! ripoff in san antonio?

    After I thought about it awhile, I realized where the tax-free wage would come from (meals, etc). I'm used to it being a set amount that is added to my paychecks. I didn't mean to imply that what the recruiter said was actually illegal but I do want ...
  14. travelcrazyRN

    Hey Texans!!! ripoff in san antonio?

    your 3000.00 end bonus will be taxed at 39-40%. No way around it. If you can get that 3000 divided up into your hourly wage you will come off better. OR Take your mileage (round trip) and multiple it by 48 cents (last time a traveled this was ~govt m...
  15. travelcrazyRN

    a company that provides upfront travel expenses

    you can always ask for the travel upfront. I don't know how well that will go because I have never done it. I do know I always get my entire travel money on the first check.