ADN programs around San Diego?

  1. I'm going to be applying for every program that I can between LA and San Diego. I currently live in Orange County, but if I were to get into one of the schools closer to San Diego than I would be moving.

    I've read about Grossmont, Palomar, and MiraCosta... I'm not really interested in private schools, because I must pay for my education without the help of my parents. Are there any other community colleges in the area that I am not aware of? I'm new to California in general, so I'm not very familiar with anything!

    Thank you for all of the help!
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  3. by   charlie.milani
    Absolutely. Southwestern College has an ADN program. Its a little awkward because you have to go to the nat'l city campus for the labs. But I know many people who went to SWC instead of Grossmont because the classes have less people.
  4. by   brbowen9
    Thanks for the advice charlie.milani! I just did a little bit of research on Southwestern College, and a pre-req of the program is CNA training (which I don't have).
  5. by   EmeraldStar
    There's also San Diego City College. I'll be starting there on Aug. 22nd. The courses are going to be taught in a new building across the street from the main campus, which to me is a plus.
  6. by   apoppyfield
    All the nursing programs are listed by the Board of Registered Nurses. You can also search the entire state community college system and find all the nursing programs in the state. I did this when I was looking for programs and came up with a list of about 50 within a 3 mile radius. Amazing how many community colleges there are here.
  7. by   brbowen9
    @EmeraldStar - Did you have to wait on a waitlist? I will hopefully be applying there as well..

    @apoppyfield - Thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried that and it just came up with Grossmont, Southwestern, Palomar, and MiraCosta.
  8. by   EmeraldStar
    No, I was accepted under their new multi-point criteria.
  9. by   nayenay40
    Hello Guys I am new to the site and was wanting to know do you guys have any information as to a good nursing school in San Diego? My husband is getting a job there and I am on the waiting list currently here in Hollywood, fl, and if i start here when he goes I will be here for 18 months while he is gone, so I was looking at schools over there and how they work. I was hoping for a community college as the Universities are way too expensive. I was wondering do you guys have any recommendations for me as far as schools go Thank you so much.