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  1. brbowen9

    AHA BLS vs. Red Cross CPR

    I'm not sure where you live but I currently live Southern California and am moving back home to Virginia soon. I know that in both of the areas that I've worked (also as a unit secretary) and the nursing programs I've looked at, require the AHA BLS class. To be honest I'm not quite sure of the reasoning behind it, but I believe it's because the AHA course is a "Healthcare with AED" provider course (at least the one I had to take for my job was). If I were you I would take the AHA course, even though it may cost you $50 or so.
  2. brbowen9

    ADN programs around San Diego?

    @EmeraldStar - Did you have to wait on a waitlist? I will hopefully be applying there as well.. @apoppyfield - Thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried that and it just came up with Grossmont, Southwestern, Palomar, and MiraCosta. :)
  3. brbowen9

    ADN programs around San Diego?

    Thanks for the advice charlie.milani! I just did a little bit of research on Southwestern College, and a pre-req of the program is CNA training (which I don't have).
  4. brbowen9

    ADN programs around San Diego?

    I'm going to be applying for every program that I can between LA and San Diego. I currently live in Orange County, but if I were to get into one of the schools closer to San Diego than I would be moving. I've read about Grossmont, Palomar, and MiraCosta... I'm not really interested in private schools, because I must pay for my education without the help of my parents. Are there any other community colleges in the area that I am not aware of? I'm new to California in general, so I'm not very familiar with anything! Thank you for all of the help!
  5. brbowen9

    Anyone applying at Saddleback college?

    Any idea how many "qualified" applicants there usually are per application cycle? I'm going to be applying this time next year, after I repeat A&P.
  6. brbowen9

    Saddleback College A&P

    I'm going to be taking A&P at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo this fall and spring and noticed that there is a 1 unit "discussion course" that is optional. Would anyone recommend or not recommend this course? I have to pay out of state tuition, so it would be an extra $220 to take this discussion course and I don't want to waste money. Thanks!:)
  7. brbowen9

    Transfer to a out of state nursing program

    From what I've heard/read a lot of Florida is just as over populated with nursing students as California is...
  8. brbowen9

    CSU Fullerton BSN

    I read on the CSU website that they do not allow the repetition of pre-req's (specifically A&P in my case). I received a C in both and plan to re-take them hopefully resulting in an A. Does this mean that if I were to apply to CSUF's BSN program they would only accept my C's? I've tried emailing multiple addresses on their website, but I can not receive a response.
  9. brbowen9

    Golden West College - alternate list for Fall 2010

    Does anyone have an idea of how many qualified applicants there typically are and how many students are accepted for each semester? I am going to be applying for the 2012-2013 school year this fall and just want to know how well my chances are..
  10. brbowen9

    Letters of Acceptance to Golden West College?

    Hey guys! I'm planning on applying to Golden West for the 2012-2013 school year and just wanted some more information on the selection process. I understand that it is a lottery process, but how many qualified applicants are there typically? How many students are accepted for each semester? Thank you so much!
  11. brbowen9

    West Coast University Opinion?

    Hi there! I also was looking into WCU and was skeptical about all of the negative opinions I had heard. As I went to apply for a part time job at Mission Hospital (to work through school as I attend a community college), I mentioned that I originally looking into WCU but had decided against it. Both the HR Manager and Nurse Manager HIGHLY recommended against going to WCU. They both agreed that the had not hired a grad from this program and had yet to see a graduate of WCU that they felt completely comfortable in their education. They also said that all of the clinical sites are not at hospitals, they are at assisted living facilities. The Nurse Manager emphasized that your foundation is key. Whether its your associates in nursing and your pursue a bachelors, your foundation is what you build off of. Who wants a foundation that is rushed through? Also, I had to take a BLS class last week and there was a WCU student there. I asked how she was liking the program and what not. She said that you have a class for only 8 weeks so you just learn what is on the test basically. She said that you run through everything with the professor's mindset as this is on the test, this isn't, etc. Personally, I want to learn everything I can so that I can be a better health care professional. I don't want to just learn what's on a test.
  12. brbowen9

    West Coast University Help! and Advice

    I am also debating whether or not to attend WCU. I can't seem to come to a decision as to whether the amount of money financed in order to pay this tuition is worth the education... I just moved to California from Virginia, and have not experienced the frustration of the community colleges first hand. Any advice?
  13. brbowen9

    West Coast University BSN program- EXPERIENCE

    Hey guys, Please let me know how ya'll like the program! I just moved to CA from VA and am so discouraged with the waitlists and competition at the community colleges. I am going to be contacting a WCU representative today. I know it's a lot of money, but I'm hoping that financial aid helps some. I've already completed 67 college credits, so I'm hoping SOME of those transfer! Thanks!
  14. brbowen9

    Any Grossmont College nursing students on here?

    I just moved to California and I'm looking for a program out here... Reviews seem to be good, but how long is the waitlist? Do they accept people each year, where I'm at in Orange County, they've had so many people apply that when you apply just get added to the waitlist or denied then every year they just bring people off of the waitlist to fill the class.
  15. brbowen9

    UAA BSN/ADN vs Charter College?

    Hey Ashlie. I called Charter College about their ADN program today.. It is still not up and running yet. They said they hope to have it together by the 4th quarter of this year, but that it's not ready yet. They didn't even have much information about it either. From my research, Charter College is a private school. I'm from Virginia and I think it's the equivalent to ECPI or Miller Monte Technical School here. The tuition would probably be higher than for a public university, but I guess we'll see when they get the program up and running. The representative that I spoke with said that as of now, they only have a medical assisting program. Good luck and I hope your journey of finding nursing school is a little easier than mine :) But P.S. check out Alaska Vocational Technical Center... they have a 10 month LPN program of 10 students in which 8 get automatically accepted to start UAA's associate's program and only have to do the second year of that program. I think that's probably what I'll end up doing... They have a class starting in August 2011 and January 2012.
  16. Hey guys! I have to develop a presentation on the pathophysiology of osteoporosis (not nursing care)... Any suggestions?