"Delete and Repeat" Grade Policy?

  1. Hi everyone,

    At the moment, I'm finished with all my science pre-reqs for nursing school. I was pretty satisfied with everything until I found out *dun dun dun* I got a "C" in my Physiology class. I considered retaking it over the summer, so the grade would average out to a "B" at least, however, my boyfriend told me that there are some nursing schools who actually allow you to delete this "C" grade and take it again to have the grade completely replaced. Is this possible in any of the California nursing schools?? Part of me knows what he's saying is complete bunk, but I was just wondering if any nursing schools out here actually have a policy like that. Anyone know??
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. There is such a thing as academic forgiveness at some schools for a bad first go, F's and D's up to a point. But no school is going to let you erase a C.
  4. by   starzburst
    At my school, Cal State, you can discount a grade (up to 5 classes), meaning you can repeat a course and not have the 1st grade count towards your GPA. The first attempt will still remain on your transcript however. So I would check with your school if they have something like that available.
  5. by   hikernurse
    Where I live, you can repeat classes and the retake grade is the one that's figured in your GPA. Like Starz said, the lower grade is still on your transcript, but it doesn't count. Some schools do have a limit on how many classes you can retake, though, so I'd look into that.
  6. by   rterra3
    I was wondering what school are you guys referring to about repeating classes?
  7. by   funkyooster
    like caliotter3 said, there are petitions you can fill out for "academic forgiveness" for F's and once the petition goes through, the fails won't affect your cummulative GPA.

    as far as the transcript is concerned however, it still shows that you've taken the classes.

    i say keep your C. i just hope you did well on the rest of the pre-reqs.

    P.S. what i wrote only goes along with my personal experiences at LACC however. i'm not sure how other schools go on about their businesses, but i've never heard of F's and W's magically disappearing from the transcript.
  8. by   rterra3
    I guess you've got a point. I still have a year of pre-req. so there is still time to raise it up. Im just worried cuz I have to apply atleast a sem. before but I'll def. look into schools that have academic forgiveness. Thank you
  9. by   maggie24
    At LB state, the grade of D or F will not "disappear" from transcripts, BUT it will not be factored into GPA after you repeat it. But not for a C.
    At my school, this was a well known fact that it was "better" to get a D or F than to get a C or W b/c the school would "repeat-delete" the grade. You were not allowed to retake a C. I was in class with people who were afraid they were getting a C, and so they didn't show up for the final to get the D or F so that they could repeat it. Crazy, but true.
    This may be a good strategy if you are only planning to go to their NS, but I don't know what happens when you transfer and they see the D or F.

    Most CC's take away .5 points for every repeat--D, F or W b/c of that formula that they now use
    But since you have a C, you may be able to avoid the .5 penalty b/c technically it is not a "repeat"-you did not fail!
    So they may average the 2 grades, or may even take the highest.
    Just ask the N.S. to be sure!
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  10. by   *guest*
    i am from san diego and i attended miramar college
    out there for 2 years (part-time).

    i had 42 credits (or more) when i came here to nyc.
    once i got into a cuny school, they only accepted

    three of my classes (9 credit total). insane right?

    of those, all 3 classes were biology, psychology, and
    math i believe. i had a b+ in all of them and they advised
    me to go to counseling and have those removed so that
    i could take them again and get all a's in them.

    without being politically incorrect, the admission rep.
    basically told me, in a nutshell, that anything less than
    an a is generally not great when trying to get into this
    nursing program..due to the extreme competitiveness.

    so yes..it's possible..but look where i moved. away
    from paradise and to...well..lol..nyc. i'm paying my
    price haha.