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California nclex results wait july 2014

I took my boards on July 19th. Got the good pop up everyday and STILL no results on the Ca-BON website. 2 weeks wait so far. My Interim Permit still says "pending" when I log onto breeze. This wait is killing me. What is the hold up California? Maybe my evaluator is on vacation.... LOL:arghh: how long is everyone else waiting in cali???? and has anyone in cali got the good pop up and failed???


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Call them, they may say " school hasn't sent ur transcript"

Several of my classmates have waited 2 weeks, some less than 48 hours. I don't know that there is a rhyme or reason to it all. My IPN status said cancelled once my test was input and my license was posted the day after that. The good news is that the PVT trick has high reliability. Good luck! I hope they post it soon!

thanks. I've been calling them but i can't get through to anyone. The recorded message plays every time "too many callers, blah blah." Ive also emailed twice and haven't gotten a reply. my school sent out the transcript on july 8th. Praying for progress this week.

thanks. i guess my IP status will also cancel too if my license ever posts. PVT i hope you work on me too! :)

They are almost impossible to get through to. I found most success Tuesday afternoon, just before they close. Not sure why that is...

As for IPN, it will cancel once the fact that you took your test is acknowledged....not if you passed or failed.

I hope you hear soon! It is definitely hard to wait for results on the biggest test of your life! :)


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It took 2 months ( No joke) for my name to appear on CABON. Something to do with the evaluator going on vacation and losing my transcript. At least they told me I passed after 4 weeks of waiting.


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